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Activate Mail automatically on new message received Apps
I've used this hint to push my email into automatically. But I wanted to take it even further, and have Mail activate (make itself the active application) when a new message arrived. Here's how I did that. First I used Terminal to create a compile a simple AppleScript, and named it .push (so it's hidden in the Finder). Copy and paste this line into Terminal, and the file will be created in your user's home directory: Next, in Mail, create a new rule set to run on "any" of the following conditions. For the condition, set the pop-up to Every Message. In the actions section, set the first pop-up to Run AppleScript, and for the name of the AppleScript (assuming you used the above command in Terminal), enter ~/.push. Now hide Mail, login to some web-based mail service, and send yourself an email. If you've followed the linked hint, your server should immediately push this new messag into your When that happens, the rule you created will run, and that should cause to come to the foreground.

The only caveat is that if you're editing something, or if you're used to hitting delete for going back in your browser, then you might accidentally trash your message! I have been using this for a while, though, and I'm now used to it. For first couple of weeks, however, I had to recover the trashed messages manually.

[robg adds: I tried this, and it works as described (though I receive too much email to leave this rule in place!). You can test it before you create the rule by hiding Mail, then typing this (in your home directory) in Terminal: osascript .push. Mail should unhide and come to the foreground when you press Return.]
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