Fix a SynergyKM machine reconnection problem

Feb 17, '09 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: Anonymous

I use Synergy on a regular basis to seamlessly control two computers and monitors via one keyboard and mouse. I have been using the Mac OS X GUI version of synergy called SynergyKM for some time, but I have always had a problem with it that if I disconnect, the only way to reconnect is restart the machines. SynergyKM is a System Preferences pane, and I tried for a long time to troubleshoot it, but I never could nail down the problem. I finally found a simple solution today: Replace the binaries inside the System Pref Pane with what I suspect are newer binaries from the original Synergy source.

What you will need:

Installation and Modification
  1. Download the two items above. Mount the SynergyKM disk image and install the System Preferences pane.
  2. Navigate to wherever you installed the SynergyKM pref pane (~/Library/PreferencePanes or /Library/PreferencePanes) and locate the SynergyKM.prefpane. Control-click on it and choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu. Then navigate to the Contents/Resources folder.

    In that folder, locate the Control-click on the file and choose Show Package Contents, then navigate into the Contents/Resources folder. You should see two files named synergyc and synergys. These are the two files you will be replacing with the newer versions. (Technically if you check the versions, they are the same, but the md5 checksum on them says they are different.)

    You can rename those two files if you want to preserve the originals.
  3. Decompress the synergy-1.3.1-1.OSX.tar.gz file you downloaded and open the directory. You will see the two files you need (synergyc and synergys). Move those two files to the above location (replacing if you didn't rename).
That's it. Since doing this, I haven't had any problems reconnecting my Synergy machines.

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