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10.5: Slim down first iPhoto '09 Time Machine backup System 10.5
I just updated to iPhoto '09. Everything went well, except for the ensuing Time Machine backup to my Time Capsule: the estimated size of the backup was over 40GB. I made a byte-by-byte comparison between my backup and my home directory, and found just a few differences, nothing justifying such a big load.

After searching a bit, I found out that iPhoto '09, when first run, updates the access right of all the pictures in the library to add read and write privileges to others. It seems that Time Machine does not recognize a file whose access privileges have been changed, and makes a copy of it. A simple solution would probably have been to remove the old picture library from the Time Machine, but I didn't like the idea.

So I decided to try to get the access right on the backup to match those on my disk. It took the following few steps as root (alternatively, prefix the commands with sudo):
  1. Mount the backup archive.
  2. Temporarily disable ACL on the backup drive: fsaclctl -d -e /Volume/Backupxxx.
  3. Change the rights for the saved library (the X means 'extend search rights to directory, not regular files'): chmod o+rwX path/to/backup/of/iphoto/library.
  4. Re-enable ACL (maybe not needed): fsaclctl -e -p /Volume/Backupxxx.
  5. Unmount the backup.
After that, my backup was only 300 Mb, much more consistent. A similar process should probably work on a locally-hosted Time Machine backup, but I have no way (nor the time) to test it.
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10.5: Slim down first iPhoto '09 Time Machine backup | 5 comments | Create New Account
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10.5: Slim down first iPhoto '09 Time Machine backup
Authored by: n8gray on Feb 11, '09 11:03:43AM
Huh? Why the fsck is iPhoto making all those directories world-writable?? That's utterly lame, and represents a security hazard for machines with multiple users. I'm fixing the problem by taking away write access from other users:

chmod -R o-w "~/Pictures/iPhoto Library"

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10.5: Slim down first iPhoto '09 Time Machine backup
Authored by: drebes on Feb 15, '09 05:38:14AM

I've removed "other" write permissions to my library and now I cannot import pictures anymore. :-/

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A few corrections
Authored by: delux on Feb 11, '09 11:54:16AM
Minor issues, but I felt the need to elaborate:
  • The, "disable ACL" line should read: fsaclctl -d -p /Volumes/Backupxxx - Note the "-e" (enable) in the original post should be "-p" (path)
  • I'm not sure why, but the author goes out of their way to make the chmod incorrect. If the post is to be believed, every individual photo needs to have it's world-writable bit set; not just the top-level dir. So, the "Change the rights" line should read:
    chmod o+rw -R /Volumes/Backupxxx/Backups.backupdb/200n-nn-nn-nnnnnn/HardDriveName/Users/username/Pictures/
    You might want to filter the chmod so it only effects the .jpg and .CR2 (and what have you.) What's kind of surprising is that this seems to have worked for the author.
  • As pointed out, world-writable is not a good thing. I agree with n8grey that it would be better to re-establish reasonable permissions before beginning the next backup.

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A few corrections
Authored by: delux on Feb 11, '09 12:51:36PM

Oh, here's the command to filter chmod to just the image files:
find path/to/dir/ -name \*.jpg -or -name \*.CR2 -exec chmod o+rw {} \;

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10.5: Slim down first iPhoto '09 Time Machine backup
Authored by: langer on Feb 23, '09 10:57:58AM
I just upgraded to iPhoto '09 and did not have any problems with the first Time Machine backup of my iPhoto library. I thought I'd see how long the backup would take before fiddling with file permissions. It took only a few minutes, and didn't recopy any photos.

-- Steve

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