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10.5: Easy full-screen QuickLook 'Index Sheet' view Desktop
I really like QuickLook's Index Sheet view. I often find myself selecting everything in an image folder (Command-A), going straight into full-screen QuickLook (Command-Option-Y), and then clicking the Index Sheet button. So I wrote a simple AppleScript program to stick in the Finder's toolbar to simplify the process.

It essentially just does a Command-A and then a Command-Option-Y (you have to still click the Index Sheet button yourself), but it's better than nothing. The project is hosted on Google Code (quicklook-fullscreen-gallery), and I welcome any help with making it even simpler.

By following these steps, you can make this program from scratch yourself, without downloading anything. First create the script. Open Script Editor (in Applications » AppleScript), and enter the following script. (This is a modified version of the script Minimize all Finder windows at login via AppleScript, posted by meanbone.):
activate application "Finder"
tell application "System Events"
  tell process "Finder"
    keystroke "a" using {command down}
    keystroke "y" using {command down, option down}
  end tell
end tell
Next, before saving and proceeding to the next step, test the script to make sure it works.

To test the script, open up a Finder window with a lot of images in it, then click the Run button in Script Editor. You should be launched into a full-screen QuickLook view of the Finder window's contents. At the bottom, there should be an icon made up of four boxes. Click this, and you should end up in Index Sheet mode, where it shows you lots of pictures at once, still in a full-screen view.

If this doesn't work, make sure that GUI scripting is enabled -- open the Universal Access System Preferences panel and make sure 'Enable access for assistive devices' box is checked.

If everything went successfully, save that script as an Application Bundle with whatever name you want. Then copy big-gridview.tiff from /System » Library » PrivateFrameworks » QuickLookUI.framework » Versions » A » Resources to your working directory. Convert big-gridview.tiff to an .icns file and name it applet.icns. (I used the web-based iconvert because I didn't have any software installed to do this.)

Control-click on your program and choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu. Navigate into Contents » Resources, and replace the applet.icns file found there with the one you made. Move the Application Bundle somewhere good (perhaps /Applications » Utilities), and drag it onto the Finder Toolbar.

You're done. You now have handy one-click (for one picture) or two-click (for Index Sheet) access to QuickLook's built-in full-screen viewer. I personally made this to view image folders, but, being QuickLook, you can view anything you want ... movies, fonts, icons, and anything else you have a QuickLook plug-in for.

[robg adds: You can bind your completed script to a keyboard shortcut using iKey to make things even simpler. As an alternative, you could also build a macro using iKey (or any other macro-enabled program) to send those two keystrokes to the finder.]
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10.5: Easy full-screen QuickLook 'Index Sheet' view | 6 comments | Create New Account
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10.5: Easy full-screen QuickLook 'Index Sheet' view
Authored by: MurphyM on Feb 02, '09 09:09:59AM
Didn't see this mentioned in your post: You can enter the Index View with Command+Return, something I only learned recently. In pre-Leopard OS X versions you could just hit the "I" on your keyboard - from the Finder Slideshow... Thanks, I'd forgotten about full screen.

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10.5: Easy full-screen QuickLook 'Index Sheet' view
Authored by: joem on Feb 02, '09 06:04:39PM

I didn't know about cmd-return.... I tried, but I can same to add that into the main hint's script, though... Any ideas?

Sure would be nice if we could go straight into the index mode.

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10.5: Easy full-screen QuickLook 'Index Sheet' view
Authored by: shmuel on Feb 02, '09 05:04:04PM

As a designer I use fullscreen index mode often to browse through the photos I have accumulated over time from royalty free photography sites.

The thing that always drives me nuts though is once I have selected the image I want from the index there is no way to open just that single file. Because I used command-a to select all the files a command-o will open ALL of them not just the one I have selected from the index.

Anyone have a brilliant way to identify the correct image (i.e. the one that is currently fullscreen after having been selected from the index list) and open it?


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10.5: Easy full-screen QuickLook 'Index Sheet' view
Authored by: dandj on Feb 02, '09 06:54:22PM

Yes. I have submitted a hint, (not yet published), to scroll though files in full screen Quick Look without using Slideshow mode.

It also allows direct opening of the file you are browsing with Command-O.

Briefly, enter full screen mode from the Finder, Command-Tab back to Safari (yes, Safari), and then click on a Finder window in the background (moving Safari windows out of the way as necessary), not on the Dock Finder icon.

This takes you back to full screen mode and you can scroll up and down with the arrow keys. When you are on a picture you want press Command-O and lo, the file will be opened.

Incidentally, when you are finished doing what ever with your opened file, click back on the Finder (even in the Dock) and you can continue scrolling in full screen where you left off.

I do have a few add-ons on my system but I doubt any of those are providing this finder functionality. Let me know if this works for you.

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10.5: Easy full-screen QuickLook 'Index Sheet' view
Authored by: dudemac on Feb 02, '09 07:40:35PM

I have notice this same behavior for some time. I however usually only have a quicklook window open and not in the full screen mode. As if you are opening a file in QL via the spacebar and then use the arrow keys you can navigate the entire folder structure. This seems to work in full screen after you have navigated away from Finder and then back. Although this is a little different than what this hint is talking about (contact sheet view) I agree that it is quite useful.


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10.5: Easy full-screen QuickLook 'Index Sheet' view
Authored by: mr. applescript on Feb 03, '09 04:45:21AM
Your script makes a perfect mate to the Browse Full Screen applet posted on the Apple AppleScript website.

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