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Edit disk sectors and disk images using a free tool Apps
If you have a hard disk with a few bad blocks on it, tools such as Disk Utility can't copy the remaining good blocks over to another disk, because the copying will stop as soon as a read error is encountered. To get around this problem, I wrote a free program called iBored, which is basically a hex editor for disk sectors, but it can also be used to edit files, including disk images.

Using iBored on a disk with bad sectors may take a while, but you'll be able to save all good data before you make any attempts to save individual files from it, or try to repair what's left. If you do the repair or rescue attempts on the copy, you'll not have to deal with any further read errors.

I have also used iBored to repair iPods that had been borked by installing iPodLinux on them, analysed Flash (.flv) files, and much more. It can even access disks remotely over internet.

[robg adds: If you're going to use this tool, pay close attention to the warnings on the author's page:
This program comes with hardly any documentation, and it doesn't explain what it does, either. If you have not used other tools to edit disk blocks or files on a binary level before, you may find it difficult to use.

Beware: This tool lets you mess with your disk contents in a rather unsafe manner: You can easily write over any data on a disk, rendering the entire disk unusable. So you better know what you're doing, especially if you use any "write" operations. And keep backups of your data on other disks.
Note that I haven't tested this app.]
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Edit disk sectors and disk images using a free tool
Authored by: brucio on Feb 13, '09 07:58:42AM

Just wanted to say Thanks! for this (since my copy of Fedit+ stopped working ;-)

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Edit disk sectors and disk images using a free tool
Authored by: tempel on Feb 13, '09 09:05:02AM

Author speaking here.

Actually, it's not just for disks and disk image files - you can practically view any file with it in hex - just drop it onto the tool's "Disks" window, although it currently chops it always up into blocks of 512. If you drop a file of 612 bytes, the last 100 won't be visible. I should get that fixed, I guess.

But then - there's always "HexEdit" for those cases.

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Edit disk sectors and disk images using a free tool
Authored by: n8gray on Feb 13, '09 11:08:05AM

Nice hint! ddrescue is also useful in the scenario you describe. I had this happen to my old powerbook and it was hard to find a tool that could work around the bad blocks.

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Authored by: daybrother on Feb 13, '09 09:39:00PM

I was just playing with this last night. I don't know where I got it, (er...from you I guess) but I've had it for a couple of weeks. Thank you. It helped me with my pb g4 drive that just went wonky.

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Authored by: grahamperrin on Mar 03, '09 11:19:02AM

> almost never gives up, preferring to report errors along the way

— another useful utility; when bad blocks are suspected I tend to use ditto before anything else, to copy as much as possible.

If any file fails to copy, I can revisit that file with an alternative utility.

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