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Possibly fix sleep problems associated with AirPort Laptop Macs
Some Macs will wake up abruptly, shortly after being put to sleep -- apparently due to a bug in the system that's associated with the AirPort wireless card. Specifically if the computer was put to sleep while connected to a wireless network, it may suffer from this problem.

I wrote a free program called Wireless Sleeper that fixes the issue. It runs quietly in the background and will make sure that the AirPort is turned off before the computer goes to sleep. It will also turn AirPort back on when the computer wakes up.

[robg adds: I've never heard of this issue before, and none of our wireless Macs have had the problem, despite leaving AirPort on and connected all the time. Nonetheless, if you are having the problem, this freebie offers a potential solution.]
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Possibly fix sleep problems associated with AirPort
Authored by: gshurley on Jan 14, '09 08:51:02AM

I might have to try this. One of my macs is an iMac that rarely will go into sleep mode on its own and when it does, wakes up on its own every hour or so. I tried changing settings and everything else, but figured it was something to do with the wireless network waking the system.

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Possibly fix sleep problems associated with AirPort
Authored by: MarkSieber on Jan 14, '09 09:10:00AM

I have an MBP on an airport wireless system. It sometimes gets tries to wake up after shutting the lid, but goes back to sleep in a few seconds. In an apparently related behavior, it won't wake from sleep once opened.

I may give this program a try to see if it helps these issues.

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Possibly fix sleep problems associated with AirPort
Authored by: HeelToe on Jan 14, '09 09:37:40AM

I definitely have the AirPort interferes with sleep problem. My MBP will not sleep when connected to an Airport Extreme that is running in high-speed 5Ghz-only mode unless it forcefully sleeps due to battery exhaustion.

I'll give this a shot and see if it helps. Of course, it is simply working around a problem Apple should fix.

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I see these sleep problems on my MBP regularly
Authored by: Han Solo on Jan 14, '09 05:21:06PM
Rob should be glad he has never run into this bug on a MacBook Pro. It is maddening -- especially after years on a PowerBook, in which sleep (and everything else) Just Worked (tm).

I have the same basic problem described in other posts: about 90-95% of the time I attempt to put my mid-2007 15" Santa Rosa MacBook Pro 2.4GHz to sleep on my desk, it will awaken automatically. (There is no jostling of the MBP involved, so it's not a latch issue -- indeed, it happens even if I select "Sleep" from the Apple menu.) When it re-awakens -- usually within a few seconds -- I see the screen light up and hear the SuperDrive try to spin up. This happens whether I am connected to an 802.11g or 802.11n AirPort WiFi network. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make sense of the copious output written to the Console to figure out what is going on, but it seems to clearly be a bug. This problem has occurred with every version of Mac OS X 10.4.x I've installed on my MBP. (I have not yet upgraded to Leopard.)

Turning off AirPort usually will allow the MBP to sleep, but not always. In those cases, sometimes I have to try two or three times to put it to sleep -- and for whatever reason, it typically takes 30-60 seconds after disconnecting from the wireless connection before it will sleep. (And, yes, I have already disabled SafeSleep.)

I have noticed that about 50-60% of the time that it is running off battery, it will go to sleep even if the AirPort connection is still on. On the other hand, there are (thankfully rare) occasions in which it will exhibit insomnia even with AirPort off and the power cord unplugged.

Finally, at random but rare intervals, it will refuse to wake from sleep. Holding down the power key (hard reboot) is the only way to make the machine functional again. What actually seems to be happening is that the screen lock process crashes, so that either the password prompt never comes up after waking, or it comes up with the SPOD and does not accept keyboard input. (The darned cursor still moves, however.)

Thanks to the author making this program available, although I have not tried it yet. Could the author post the source code somewhere? Much appreciated.

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Possibly fix sleep problems associated with AirPort
Authored by: bombcar on Jan 14, '09 10:42:28PM

I think I've had this issue - I'll close my Mac Book Pro and it'll begin blinking its sleep light as I shove it into my bag. I then hear the "iChat login sound" and it has awoken. Sometimes I don't notice it and it runs the battery down in the bag.

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Possibly fix sleep problems associated with AirPort
Authored by: wsdr on Jan 15, '09 10:08:24AM

I got so annoyed at my MBP waking after shutting the lid that I used the tips elsewhere on this site for setting the system never to wake on lid open and never to save a RAM image to disk. So I have to hit a key after I open my MBP lid, and it won't recover if the battery dies while in sleep, but I have never since had it wake up in my bag or fail to sleep when the lid didn't quite shut. And it never has an issue waking from sleep either.


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Possibly fix sleep problems associated with AirPort
Authored by: n8gray on Jan 15, '09 11:31:53PM

I used to have this problem all the time with my Santa Rosa MBP 15". It was maddening, and if I didn't catch the wake-after-lid-close event for whatever reason I would often come back to find my machine going through wake/sleep cycles *hours* later. I haven't seen the problem in a while, though. Unfortunately, I can't put my finger on when it stopped happening, so I have no advice for those still experiencing the problem. But I can, at least, confirm the problem.

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Possibly fix sleep problems associated with AirPort
Authored by: johnsawyercjs on Jan 16, '09 06:19:26AM
Here's a little Applescript that I wrote to put a Mac to sleep, and make it go back to sleep if it wakes up (via a "repeat" loop), unless you tell it to stay awake by pressing the Return key, or clicking the app's "Cancel" button. Paste this into Script Editor, and save it as an Application; in Script Editor's "Save" dialog, de-select the options "Run Only" and "Stay Open":

	display dialog "Cancel sleep? (auto-sleep after 40 seconds)
	(hold down Return key to cancel)" buttons {"Cancel", "Sleep"} default button 1 giving up after 40
	(*You can vary the time to something other than 40 seconds,but less time than 20 seconds often makes*)
	(*the script put the Mac to sleep even if you press the Cancel button or Return key immediately after wake*)
	set the button_pressed to the button returned of the result
	if the button_pressed is "" or the button_pressed is "Sleep" then
		tell application "System Events" to sleep
	end if
end repeat

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Possibly fix sleep problems associated with AirPort
Authored by: S.F. on Jan 22, '09 04:46:25PM

Works perfectly. Before, my MBP would often wake shortly after going to sleep, and then go back to sleep, which often caused other annoying behaviour, such as then asking twice for the password to disable the screensaver.

Note that the problem only occurred when connected to my Time Capsule's WLAN (set to 5 GHz, 11n only), other WLANs I use on a regular basis (all 2.4 GHz, 11g or 11b) didn't cause this. Not sure if it's due to the 5 GHz WLAN though, maybe there's some Time Machine stuff going on.

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