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Enable hidden Picture Frames in Pages '09 Apps
Based on a previous blog post, I have discovered the location of the hidden Picture Frames used in Pages '09 (and the other iWork '09 apps), and the plist file that determines which ones are accessible. You can use Picture Frames by selecting an object in Pages, opening the Inspector, clicking on the Graphic button, and choosing Picture Frame in the Stroke drop-down menu. The Picture Frames that are available by default leave out a bunch of Picture Frames that are installed as part of Apple's templates.

You can view the installed Picture Frames on your machine here: /Library » Application Support » iWork '09 » Frameworks » SFRendering.framework » Versions » A » Resources » Frames. (This link may show you the folder, depending on which browser you're using.) You can enable any of the picture frames shown in the above folder by editing a plist file within the Pages application. Open the iWork '09 folder, then Control-click on Pages and choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu. In the new window that opens, navigate to Contents » Resources » SLGraphicInspectorFrames.plist, and open it in your favorite plist editor. Again, this link may work to open the file on your machine.

Note that the name of each frame to be added to this plist file can be found in the index.plist file of the individual frame.

For example, for the Roadtrip Receipt frame, navigate from the Frames directory down into Roadtrip Receipt.sfrframe » Contents » Resources, and open index.plist. There you'll find the key named name, which will show RoadTrip_receipt as the value. That value is what you should add to the SLGraphicInspectorFrames.plist file to enable the Picture Frame in Pages '09. Note: This same process would likely work for Keynote and Numbers as well, but I haven't tried it.

Sources: [robg adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Enable hidden Picture Frames in Pages '09
Authored by: chocky on Jan 13, '09 08:33:17AM

This hint appears to work just fine in iWork '08 as well.

The Numbers plist file is LSGraphicInspectorFrames.plist while the Keynote plist is BGGraphicInspectorFrames.plist

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Enable hidden Picture Frames in Pages '09
Authored by: CJYetman on Jan 13, '09 12:17:21PM

Just to be clear... the frames for iWork '08 are not in the Library folder... they're inside the application's bundle. So, it would be a slightly different process.

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Enable hidden Picture Frames in Pages '09
Authored by: Nem on Jan 13, '09 09:21:42AM

Hey! My Keynote frames page. Forgot I had even done that. ;-)

I haven't checked iWork '09 yet to see if there are any frames that I'm missing.

Nem W. Schlecht

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Enable hidden Picture Frames in Pages '09
Authored by: Nem on Jan 14, '09 02:07:00PM

I've updated my pages with more information and the latest preview images (as well as files with most of the frames in them - easier for some to cut and paste rather than edit a plist file).

The new frames are:

Jet Set

Nem W. Schlecht

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Enable hidden Picture Frames in Pages '09
Authored by: lordofdotmac on Jan 19, '09 12:21:43AM
Just replace the .plist file with this data, and remember back-up first!

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">;
<plist version="1.0">
<string>Classic Silk</string>
<string>Comic Blue</string>
<string>Comic Shadow</string>
<string>Crayon Line</string>
<string>Creme Main</string>
<string>Creme Sidebar</string>
<string>Creme Small</string>
<string>Fine Artist</string>
<string>Formal Inset</string>
<string>Formal Shadow</string>
<string>Graph Paper</string>
<string>Green Linen</string>
<string>Green Paper</string>
<string>Hardcover Burgundy</string>
<string>Jet Set</string>
<string>Kids Blue</string>
<string>Kids Pink</string>
<string>Leather Book</string>
<string>Leather Book1</string>
<string>Linen Book</string>
<string>Notebook iweb</string>
<string>Old White</string>
<string>Orange Book</string>
<string>Orange Wood</string>
<string>Playtime Blue</string>
<string>Playtime Green</string>
<string>Playtime Waves</string>
<string>Portfolio Inset</string>
<string>Roadtrip Receipt</string>
<string>School Play</string>
<string>Screenprint Brush</string>
<string>Spiralbook Creme</string>
<string>Tech Black</string>
<string>Vintage Inset</string>
<string>Watercolor iweb</string>
<string>White Corners</string>

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Enable hidden Picture Frames in Pages '09
Authored by: pescadito on Aug 28, '10 01:32:05PM

For those who are looking for the way to do this, I found the following page after much searching. Just download the file and install. It's much easier.

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