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Email forgotten files to an iPhone/iPod touch iOS devices
Have you ever been out and about and you realize you have forgotten to email yourself that incredibly important file, or you left your flash drive at home? Luckily, you can access your files at home from anywhere using your handy-dandy iPhone or iPod Touch over a wifi connection and some third-party software.

The first thing you will have to do is to create an account with Dropbox, an online storage service. A free account with Dropbox gives you 2GB of online storage, and you can download your stored files from any computer with an internet connection.

Dropbox has both a web interface and an application that you install on your Mac. The application installs a folder that allows you to sync files with Dropbox by simply dragging the target files into the Dropbox folder located in your home directory.

Next, you will need to download an ssh emulator for the iPhone/iPod Touch; I use the free TouchTerm. Once you download the app, create a new connection and enter your computer's IP address and your username. Remote login should be enabled on your Mac, but if it isn't, you can enable it in the Sharing panel of System Preferences. Open the new connection, and when you are prompted for your password, enter it.

Once you have ssh'd into your Mac from your iPhone/iPod touch, copy the file you need using the cp command to the existing Dropbox folder. The file will sync automatically, and you will be able to access it from the Dropbox web interface.

If you do not wish to create an account with Dropbox, or are just looking for a slightly harder but way more "1337" way to get your files from home, it is possible to attach an AppleScript to a folder that creates a new email in mail, attaches the contents of a folder to that email, and sends it to a specified address. Then, all you have to do is copy the files you need to that folder using the ssh emulator. (Originally posted in this entry on my blog.)
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Email forgotten files to an iPhone/iPod touch
Authored by: asmeurer on Jan 13, '09 09:24:52AM

And yet another way is to enable screen sharing and use the free VNC app to send it to yourself. No matter what way you use, you are leaving your computer open to the internet, so be sure to use a good long password and only enable when if you are likely to use it.

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Email forgotten files to an iPhone/iPod touch
Authored by: Black on Jan 13, '09 10:00:56AM
This does rather assume that your home computer is powered up and has at least some port open and has an accessible IP address. Those requirements rather narrow the number of users to whom this might apply. Once those requirements are met, you could also as the comment above suggests, use screen sharing, or if the target is your iPhone/iPod, run a webserver and copy the file to a location under your web server's document root, or sftp it to another server if your website is hosted elsewhere.

Of course, real command line junkies would simply do something like
uuencode file.pdf file.pdf |mail -s "important file I forgot"

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Email forgotten files to an iPhone/iPod touch
Authored by: flyingmac on Jan 13, '09 10:35:03AM
Or you could install FarFinder, which contains exactly this functionality and is a lot more friendly than this solution.

(the author)

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Telekinesis is a free option
Authored by: ManasTungare on Jan 13, '09 01:38:31PM
Telekinesis is free software that also provides remote access to a Mac's file system (and does a whole lot of other things as well.)

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