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10.4: Install the full Spore game on 10.4 Apps
This hint explains how to install Spore on Intel-powered OS X 10.4 Macs. Here's what you'll need:
  • Your Spore install disc
  • A copy of the Creature Creator Installer (trial or full version, either will do, I think)
  • A property list editor program, either the Apple-provided Property List Editor, or something like PlistEdit Pro.
Read on for the how-to...

  1. Control-click on your Creature Creator installer and select Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu. Navigate to Contents » MacOS. In that folder, you should find three files: tgInstall and two file dispatcher files. Make a copy of only the two executable files (filedispatcher and tginstall), or drag them to the desktop.
  2. Make a copy of the Spore installer by dragging it to the desktop. Open the Get Info window (Command-I) and select Read and Write in the ownership and permissions section.
  3. Open the two files copied from the Creature Creator installer and open them with TextEdit. Clear out all of the fancy text from them (use keyboard shortcuts). Now find these two corresponding files inside the Spore Installer (Contrl-click, Show Package Contents, navigate to Contents » Mac OS). Open them up with TextEdit, copy the text inside them, and paste that text into their corresponding Creature Creator executables.
  4. Now replace the tginstall and filedispatcher inside the Spore installer with the modified Creature Creator ones.
  5. Navigate to Contents » Resources in the Spore installer, and open the tgInstall.plist file. Open up the root menu, go down to Minimum System OS, and change the value from 10.5.3 to 10.4.11 (or whatever system you have). You should now be able to operate the Spore Installer and install Spore to wherever you want.

    Now fire up your Spore application. It will ask you for your license code, so enter it. Next it will ask you to install all three patches. Do so now. It will take a while, but wait it out. Now Spore will bark at you for not having Leopard. No worry. Now is when we dissect the Spore application.
  6. Control-click on the Spore application, select Show Package Contents, and navigate into the Contents folder. You should see an info.plist file here. Do not edit this file! Drag the info.plist file out of the Contents folder, and keep it safe in your Spore folder, and make a copy of it. Place the copy where the original belonged. Open up the copy in Property List Editor, open up the root tab, go down to Minimum System OS, and change the value to 10.4.11.
Now you can play Spore!

Whenever a new patch comes out, you'll need to take some extra steps before patching. Delete the info.plist copy you created and edited, and replace it with the original, unaltered version. Install the patch, and repeat step . Why do we do this? Because if the iPatch updater detects any altered file of any kind, it will pull the plug on the patching process and bark at you to reinstall. As long as you keep the original info.plist unaltered and use it only for patching, things should work out fine.

This is as far as I could achieve. I have not yet discovered a method to install the C&C pack. This will require a hacker more brilliant than I. Running in 10.4, I've found Spore to be buggy! So keep a piece of tape to mark where the save and quit buttons are. I'll let you find out why for yourself.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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