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Mighty Mouse battery life indicator is very conservative Other Hardware
I'm not sure if this is a hint, but when using the Mighty Mouse, the battery icon flashes when your battery runs low. I used to change the battery as soon as the indicator started blinking. This time, I tried leaving it to see how much longer it would last.

As of today, I've been using it for a week without changing the battery! The flashing battery icon might be annoying, but it will save you money on batteries. Of course, your mileage may vary.

[robg adds: You can get a better sense of the remaining battery life by looking at the Bluetooth tab of the Keyboard & Mouse System Preferences panel. To save money (and the environment) on batteries, try rechargeable versions instead of disposables.]
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Mighty Mouse battery life indicator is very conservative
Authored by: Macbth on Dec 24, '08 08:01:47AM

I can agree that the low battery indicator is hypersensitive. .
I sometimes go anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks before replacing them.
I usually get two more warning windows before they go dead.
I tried rechargeable batteries – they lost their charge really fast and I felt I was replacing the rechargeable all the time.

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NiMH and Alkaline in Mighty Mouse
Authored by: schutt on Dec 24, '08 09:11:55AM

I recycle other people's Alkaline batteries in my Mighty Mouse. The battery warning will pop a window up, but I usually get a couple weeks out of the batteries. Otherwise I use NiMH batteries. They give a battery warning with a week of charge remaining. Remember that NiMH (other than the new pre-charged type) loose their charge in one month even without being used...

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Mighty Mouse battery life indicator is very conservative
Authored by: kendals on Dec 24, '08 09:28:01AM

I too used to use Rechargeable, but found out they the died too quickly. I started using the Energizer Lithium Ion batteries and they last for about 6 months before changing. I am going to give rechargeables another try though (try to be good about recycling). I found the Rayovac Hybrid rechargeables that peaked my interest, so I order a pair of 'em.

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Mighty Mouse battery life indicator is very conservative
Authored by: WetcoastBob on Dec 24, '08 10:27:02AM
iStat Nano is a widget which is much more accurate.
Also iStat Menu is very useful for montiring your system.


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voltage testing "dead" batteries
Authored by: sjk on Dec 24, '08 10:47:38AM

I highly recommend voltage testing disposable batteries before getting rid of them. An inexpensive digital multimeter works well for that purpose.

When my Bluetooth keyboard runs low on power usually at least one of the four original batteries still has nearly a full charge. I'll check if NiMH rechargables will work okay in that keyboard as soon as the current batch of alkalines I've reused runs out. I was getting about a month from 'em in a non-Mighty Bluetooth mouse before switching to a wired Mighty mouse (whose scroll pea hasn't worked for over a year, sigh, and stopped responding to any external methods of cleaning that had previously temporarily helped).

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Mighty Mouse battery life indicator is very conservative
Authored by: randykato on Dec 24, '08 11:11:33AM

Rechargeables don't hold a charge long. They drain as they sit unused, so even when they're in the mouse and it's not being used, they're losing charge.

Try the Eneloop batteries. They're a new breed of rechargeables that don't lose their charge. I've been using these in my BT mouse & keyboard and they last much much longer... similar to alkalines.

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Mighty Mouse battery life indicator is very conservative
Authored by: aegisdesign on Dec 26, '08 02:32:58AM

I'll second the recommendation for Sanyo Eneloop batteries. They don't have as much charge in them to start off with (only 2000mAh) compared to some of the better NiMh which are 2500+ BUT as mentioned, they don't sit there discharging when doing nothing. They won't last as long in constant use theoretically but for keyboards, mice and cameras I find that in *practice* they last much longer.

Buy two sets and charge the second set. It'll still be charged months later when the first set runs out so you're not let down by a discharged second set of NiMh.

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Mighty Mouse battery life indicator is very conservative
Authored by: luomat on Dec 26, '08 09:08:57AM
When my Might Mouse and Wireless Keyboard started showing "Low Battery" I ordered these from

Sanyo Eneloop AA NiMH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries with USB Charger (2 Pack)

Sanyo Eneloop 4 Pack AA NiMH Pre-Charged Rechargable Batteries w/ Charger

And both the keyboard and mouse were still working when they were delivered more than a week later.

The former is handy because it comes with a portable USB charger.

You do NOT need to buy a second pack of them. When they start showing "low battery" you can use them for the rest of the day (or longer, but why wait?) and then just recharge them overnight.

So far I've been very happy with them.

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