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Repair a broken Safari RSS Database3 file Web Browsers
Today, I had a process running amok and filling up my boot volume. This was bad, as Safari seems to have tried to update my RSS feeds and failed in the process, leaving a Database3_BROKEN file in my user's Library/Syndication folder. This was especially annoying as I have a backlog of hundreds of unread articles. On several sites, this amounts to more articles having been accumulated than entries in their respective RSS feeds. It would have required a lot of work to check all the sites I have subscribed to manually. So I set out to find a solution that did not involve trashing my old Syndication database.

This command worked for me on 10.4 (in Terminal):
sqlite3 ~/Library/Syndication/Database3_BROKEN .dump | sqlite3 ~/Library/Syndication/Database3-repaired
On 10.5, something like this should work:
sqlite3 ~/Library/Syndication/Damaged\ Database .dump | sqlite3 ~/Library/Syndication/Database3-repaired
If the command above works without errors, the Database3-repaired file is probably OK and you can rename it to Database3. The best thing about this is that it may serve you in many other similar cases on Mac OS X, as SQLite is very widely used. Thus a more general version of the command:
sqlite3 broken.db .dump | sqlite3 repaired.db
A word of caution though: check the repaired database carefully before relying on it. According to the somewhat unrelated discussion that led to this solution, this may not work for a database if the application using it died in the middle of a commit. This can result in both records and index being broken. In any case, this should be worth a try.
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Repair a broken Safari RSS Database3 file
Authored by: barefootguru on Dec 18, '08 10:42:29AM

Your command for Leopard looks wrong--I just trashed my ~/Library/Syndication/ yesterday because the database hadn't been updated in a year. It looks like RSS feeds are now stored in ~/Library/PubSub/

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Repair a broken Safari RSS Database3 file
Authored by: barefootguru on Dec 18, '08 10:44:42AM

p.s. This is what backups are for: your database becomes corrupted, you restore to last night's/week's backup and only lose a small amount of work.

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I had an update RSS problem too ...
Authored by: tice on Dec 18, '08 10:59:00AM
Only a few (newer) entries were updated. To update all I had to restart Safari. Unfortunately a few days ago I freshly set up my computer, so can't check if this would have been working for that problem.

Wish I had known from that Database3_BROKEN file before.

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Repair a broken Safari RSS Database3 file
Authored by: r0n on Dec 19, '08 03:42:01AM

I just had the broken Safari RSS driving me mad during the last few days, too. However I deleted the whole RSS Database and Safari's preferences plist, and manually (open in tabs) marking them "read".
Next time I will try the SQLite dump instead ;)

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Repair a broken Safari RSS Database3 file
Authored by: Mycroft on Dec 19, '08 12:35:09PM

Nice! This fixed my latest broken RSS database!

I've had a ticket open with Apple regarding this issue, #5845227, for quite some time. They keep asking me for stupid things - repeating information already in the ticket, or for crash logs (there is no crash log!).

It would be nice if Apple would actually fix the problem. But in the mean time, THANK YOU for this Hint. Being able to repair the RSS database saves a LOT of time!

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