Prevent HDMI signal drops from Apple TV to Samsung TV

Dec 09, '08 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: danygeller

If you have a Samsung LCD TV and an Apple TV connected to it, it's possible you'll occasionally lose the HDMI signal from the Apple TV -- in particular when you turn off/on the TV. I corrected this problem on my set as follows (thanks to Marco in Apple's Discussion Forum for the help). Note that you'll have to access the Service Menu on your TV.

IMPORTANT: Be careful! This Menu has very important parameters which you should not change at all. You could 'brick' your TV if you change the wrong parameter!

  1. Turn off the TV
  2. If you have a 52" Series 6 model (my case), press 'Mute -- 1 -- 8 -- 2 -- Power.' If you have a Series 5 model, try 'INFO MENU MUTE POWER.'
  3. The TV will start and you will be in the service menu (give it a few extra seconds to get there).
  4. Using the arrows/enter buttons, go into 'Option Table (Service)'
  5. Turn off the following parameters: hotplug and hotplugctr.
  6. Turn off the TV.
That's it; this worked for me and my set no longer loses the HDMI signal from the Apple TV.

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