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Holiday-friendly iTunes music sharing Apps
If you're like me, you keep your music organized on one central Mac set up to share the music library to the household using iTunes music sharing. But when the Christmas season comes along, there is a collection of holiday music to be shared, yet who wants to have that cluttering up the main music library all year long?

The simple solution is to add a new user to the "server" Mac, then load all the holiday music into iTunes running under that user. Share the music using a distinct name, like "Christmas Music." You can share the music from multiple copies of iTunes on the same Mac under different users, so it won't interfere with the usual music library sharing.

At the end of the Christmas season, back up the music (or the entire user), delete it, and then put it away until next year!

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one (with "this" being multiple users sharing music from one Mac at the same time). Here I just keep the holiday music unchecked in the main library (and my other smart playlists are set to play checked songs only), and use a smart playlist set to the Holiday genre for listening to holiday music.]
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Holiday-friendly iTunes music sharing
Authored by: brett_x on Dec 05, '08 08:00:33AM

Don't forget... you can also create a new iTunes library for any user by holding the Option key when launching iTunes. It will ask you to either locate the library you'd like to use, or create a new one. That also works with iPhoto. I've done this on occasion in both applications for situations that I'd like a temporary library for some specific purpose or event.

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Holiday-friendly iTunes music sharing
Authored by: kencunningham on Dec 07, '08 09:13:13AM

This would work, but also you would lose access to your primary library of music so long as you have your 'holiday' library loaded.

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also great idea for iPhoto
Authored by: lowbatteries on Dec 05, '08 08:56:58AM

With your "Christmas" user you could also set up iPhoto. Put a memory card reader and USB hub out, with iPhoto open, and all your visiting family can sync all their photos straight to your machine. Then you have a nice collection of Christmas photos (trying to get them afterward from a large, spread-out family is a pain) that is shared with all the other Macs in the house.

I always set up my laptop going with Photo Booth too - keeps my poor Windows-trained nieces and nephews busy.

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Holiday-friendly iTunes music sharing
Authored by: auco on Dec 06, '08 09:24:37AM

My approach is a little bit simpler: I created a smart playlist containing all christmas songs (with certain keywords) - and one containing my main music list, excluding the playlist "christmas" and (for example) 0-2 star rated songs.


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Holiday-friendly iTunes music sharing
Authored by: nostrings on Dec 07, '08 11:18:23PM

I have found it much simpler to put all my holiday music in the genre "Christmas" and create a smart playlist every December that has all the songs from that genre. Actually, I usually exclude any holiday songs that are rated 1 or 2 stars (I hate "Little Drummer Boy", for instance).

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