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Update some iCal event info without editing Apps
If you double-click an event in the 10.5 version of iCal, you get a little pop-up window with some details and Edit and Done buttons, as you probably already know. This window might look worthless for editing, but even if you don't press the Edit button, if you drag and drop some text onto this pop-up window, the text will be added to the notes field of the displayed event.

I did this by accident and was surprised it happened, so I tried a few more things. Drag and drop a file, and it is added as an attachment. Drag and drop a person from Address Book, and they are added as an attendee. You can also drag multiple people, or an existing group, to have them all added as attendees. Drag a URL, and its added as a clickable URL. So despite appearances, you can actually do some basic editing in the event info pop-up window.

[robg adds: If the even has an existing URL, it will be replaced with what you drag into the window. You can also add to an existing attendee list when dropping contacts. However, if the event has an existing Note, you won't be able to drag and drop text onto this window -- it will just 'bounce back' when dropped.]
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Update some iCal event info without editing
Authored by: jimk on Nov 28, '08 08:02:47PM

This "Feature" in 10.5 makes is so tedious to edit 'events' drives me buggy - why would anybody make it harder to edit an event in a new version than it was in the old?

Editing a 'note' one must dbl-click the event, click 'edit', click 'note' then re-click an insertion point. AAAARGH! I find this is a convenient place to keep a daily log of some numbers (maybe there's a more appropriate tool for this?), but this terribly clumsy editing tool makes it quite painful.

Floating 'events.' Earlier versions of Palm's calendar (or 'todo'?) had floating events that would float to the current day - AWFULLY NICE!

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Update some iCal event info without editing
Authored by: poenn on Nov 29, '08 03:04:39AM

The main problem (to me) is that it WAS "fixed" in Tiger's iCal. Then they crippled iCal's editiing abilities and removed the super-convenient event icons (recurring, has-notes, etc.) and Leopard iCal was born.

Hope they bring the icons back as well as better editing...

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Update some iCal event info without editing
Authored by: stefankroon on Jan 28, '09 01:57:09AM

If you select an event in iCal and press ENTER you can edit the event title immediately.

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Update some iCal event info without editing
Authored by: robleach on Dec 01, '08 08:59:58AM

Yes. I agree. The interface to edit/create events is much more cumbersome. They added more abilities but also made it much less easy to use. I used to be able to arrow through to-do's to review the notes I'd added to each to-do item. That's now impossible. And you're right - way too many clicks to do the simplest things!

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Update some iCal event info without editing
Authored by: quentinsf on Dec 11, '08 01:49:23AM

Yes, it's a pain...

My guess is that they wanted editing to be more of a single 'transaction', especially when synchronising with remote systems. So the editing functions are grouped together in a single pain... errm... pane.

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