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Create Nokia N85 iSync plug-in Phones
I really had to add contacts to my new great Nokia N85 phone, so I hacked a way to do it. It's actually very simple; just replace N96 with N85 everywhere within the N96 plug-in.

Start by downloading the plug-in for the N96, and install it on your Mac. Open the folder /Library/PhonePlugins (Command-Shift-G in a Finder window, then type/paste the above path). Copy (you may drag it with the Option key pressed) the Nokia_N96_1v2.phoneplugin folder to the Desktop (or where you want; just out of PhonePlugins). Rename the new copy on the Desktop to Nokia_N85_1v2.phoneplugin. Open this folder, then open Contents » Resources within it.

Open all files at every level, except the NokiaN96.tiff image file, with a plain text editor (drag them inside the application icon). I used an old BBedit Light, but you may use any editor (TextWrangler and Smultron are free; I'm not sure if you may use TextEdit, just do not use the Property List Editor default application). In all text files, find the text N96 and replace it with N85 (do a Find All or Replace All, so as to not to miss one). Save all the files you modified (don't worry, not all have the N96 string inside).

Rename the NokiaN96.tiff file to NokiaN85.tiff. If you want the correct icon, you may open this file with some image editor and paste the right icon inside. As the original N96 and new, edited, N85 plug-ins will conflict (some id is the same) you have to remove the original Nokia_N96_1v2.phoneplugin that was inside /Library/PhonePlugins. Drag the newly-edited Nokia_N85_1v2.phoneplugin from the Desktop to back inside the folder /Library/PhonePlugins. Done. I have not restarted anything, but it shouldn't be required.

Then do the usual. Pair phone using Bluetooth, launch iSync, Add Device, and your phone will appear. Syncing works with addresses and appointments, at least from Mac to phone. (I haven't tested the other way yet, but I'm confident it will work). I have not added a link to the ready-made plug-in due to possible copyright reasons, but these instructions are relatively simple.
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