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One possible cure for a flakey USB wireless mouse Other Hardware
If you're having a problem with a wireless USB mouse skipping, double-clicking instead of single-clicking, or otherwise acting weird, and you've tried fooling with the software and the dongle to no avail, consider whether the problem might be with the keyboard...even if the mouse dongle is plugged into the computer, not the keyboard. And even if the keyboard is wired.

I had Logitech send me two mice which seemed totally flaky until I happened to unplug my keyboard, and found that the mouse worked like a champ. Now, whenever the mouse seems fritzy, I unplug and replug the keyboard's USB plug and it all gets better.

Weird, but there you go....
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One possible cure for a flakey USB wireless mouse
Authored by: haloici0us on Nov 20, '08 01:53:44PM

This has been an issue with my wireless Apple Mighty Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard (both white and aluminum keyboards).

I often turn off those devices during the day when I'm at work.

I've found that if I turn on my mouse before my keyboard, the mouse cursor has a jittery action to it.

When I turn the mouse off, then on again, it's fine.

So my solution in my situation has been to simply turn the keyboard on *before* the mouse, and all is well.

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One possible cure for a flakey USB wireless mouse
Authored by: simbalala on Nov 20, '08 03:47:55PM

I've had problems time to time where mouse clicks failed. I could move the mouse around but no clicks registered. When I was using a BlueTooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse I never found a good solution, sometimes just fooling around with Force Quit would restore things.

Now I have an aluminum USB keyboard and unplugging the keyboard does cure a click failure with the mouse. I switched back to a wired mouse as well since I figure there's not a lot of need for wireless when I'm sitting in front of a 20" display with a wired keyboard.

It's a rare problem, it seldom happens much with this current setup, it was a bigger issue when everything was BlueTooth.

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One possible cure for a flakey USB wireless mouse
Authored by: okachobi on Nov 21, '08 06:49:07AM

Another thing I've found works is to turn off the Airport wireless. I've seen this clear up the issue many times, and subsequently turning it back on after a moment continues to work.

Bluetooth and 802.11g/b use parts of the same wireless spectrum. Bluetooth tolerates this well, but it seems that in some cases the retransmissions and collisions get out of hand in the OS X implementation or in the wireless keyboard/mighty mouse firmware. I have not seen this issue for a while now, so it might have been fixed in.

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