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Create arbitrary keyboard shortcuts for bookmarklets Web Browsers
One of the things that makes Delicious (formerly so useful it that it can integrate, to varying degrees, with all broswers via its JavaScript bookmarklets. Many other sites also use these -- for example, I have bookmarklets for Digg, FaceBook, and more. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to activate these from a keyboard shortcut? You can!
  1. Add a bookmarklet to your Bookmarks menu, not to your favorites bar.
  2. In System Preferences, go to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab of the Keyboard & Mouse System Preferences panel, and add a keyboard shortcut with the exact name of your bookmarklet. You can specify the application as either your chosen browser, or for All Applications if you use multiple browsers. If you choose All Applications, just make sure the bookmarklet has the same name in all browsers.
Now I can post to Delicious by pressing the same keyboard shortcut everywhere. Yay!

[robg adds: This works, of course, and can be extended to create keyboard shortcuts for any site in your Bookmarks menu, not just bookmarklets. It was mentioned in a footnote to this older hint, which covered a possibly quicker (but definitely not GUI-based) method of creating keyboard shortcuts in Safari (and any other program).]
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Create arbitrary keyboard shortcuts for submenus
Authored by: tallest on Nov 19, '08 11:34:34AM

Is there any way to specify an item in a submenu?

Specifically, I'm trying to create a keyboard shortcut for a window (or tab) with a different profile in Terminal. But these all appear under submenus in the "Shell" menu. In fact they appear twice, under both "New Window" and "New Tab".

I've tried entering just the name of the menu entry, but this doesn't work. Perhaps because there are more than one menu entries with the same name.

Any help is appreciated.


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Create arbitrary keyboard shortcuts for bookmarklets
Authored by: Panrubius on Dec 28, '09 08:56:07AM


I have tried and tried to get this working under 10.6. I have had absolutely no luck whatsoever. Can anybody shed any light on why I am having problems?


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Create arbitrary keyboard shortcuts for bookmarklets
Authored by: chefmayhem on Apr 15, '10 07:31:48AM

I've been trying to figure this out for years, and I just got the solution tonight. You cannot get a particular kind of new tab or new window submenu to work. However, you can make your own window arrangement have a keyboard shortcut. Thus, the desired secondary kind of new window is summoned by calling for my "Just One Dark Window" saved window arrangement, which I gave a shortcut from the keyboard preferences. This workaround isn't perfect (windows will always spawn in the same place on the screen) but it is good enough for me!

I hope that helps.

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