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Avoid FileVault problems when using Adobe Updater Apps
The Adobe updater application (used to search for and install updates for many Adobe products) does not always work properly when run from a FileVault-protected account. Some updates install, but others simply quit with an error every time (Camera raw updates are especially bad). There are two fairly simple workarounds:
  1. Try to locate the update on the Adobe website, download it, and run the installer manually. The update should install fine this way.
  2. Log in from a non-FileVault account and run the Adobe updater application. The update should install fine and be usable for all accounts.
Admittedly, most people could have easily discerned the workarounds, but it took me many months to realise that FileVault was the culprit, so this might help someone else who is wondering why Adobe updates won't install.
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Avoid FileVault problems when using Adobe Updater
Authored by: Spartacus on Nov 03, '08 11:43:40AM

Great hint. The number of problems with adobe updater has just been reduced by one. 1,653,453,245 to go.

P.S.: Technically, FileVault cannot be called the culprit. adobe updater is the culprit. FileVault is the thing we can act on to work around this particular problem, since there is no way adobe is ever going to fix a single bug in updater.

P.P.S.: This is not an attack on the hint author. We need such workarounds since the only other solution is for Apple to rewrite Mac OS X from scratch around adobe updater, which is a little bit, but not much more likely to happen than adobe fixing the damn thing.

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Authored by: Typhoon14 on Nov 03, '08 12:58:15PM

I'm sure adobe updater makes inappropriate assumptions about the system setup, causing this issue. I don't given Apple a total pass though, because encryption should be transparent, and filevault is not. In some cases tasks have to be executed differently on filevault systems, and this pretty much guarantees compatibility problems. Apple really needs proper full disk encryption.

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Avoid FileVault problems when using Adobe Updater
Authored by: Makosuke on Nov 03, '08 12:13:12PM

So that's why I can never get the updaters to work on my laptop. I'd come up with the manual download workaround, but didn't have any idea what, specifically, the problem was until today.

Now I'm really glad I never tried reinstalling CS3 from scratch as a fix...

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Avoid FileVault problems when using Adobe Updater
Authored by: elmimmo on Nov 03, '08 04:54:12PM

You do not need to log out, and can still use the updates Updater is downloading.

1. Let the Updater download its stuff, and then tell it to "Tell you later" that you have pending updates.

2. Locate the Adobe Updater folder in your HDD (I have it in my /Users/Shared so it doesn't unnecessarily grow the disk image where my encrypted home folder is stored).

3. Dig for all the dmg files inside those folders, mount them, and launch them.

4. Open Updater again and tell it to delete all downloaded updates, without trying to update.

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Avoid FileVault problems when using Adobe Updater
Authored by: scottdb on Nov 04, '08 09:56:23AM

Interesting. I never got Adobe Update to work, and had to download everything. Now I hear that I'm not the only one.

Adobe needs to fire whoever is in charge of their updaters. They are completely useless and consistently aggravating, even on non-File Vault accounts. I've been annoyed with these things for years.

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