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10.4: Security Update 2008-06 and Network preferences System 10.4
After running the latest security update on 10.4.11, I noticed I couldn't change any settings in Network Preferences. Opening up that settings screen would result in a "Your network settings have been changed by another application" window popping up in an endless loop.

It turns out the security update makes some changes to the way PPP passwords are stored. Now, instead of being stored in a world-readable file, they're stored in the Keychain. For some reason, the update gets confused with existing PPP passwords and gets stuck in a loop. The easy way out: open Terminal and delete your existing network configuration. (You might want to make a paper backup to ease the task of entering them in again later.) In Terminal, type these commands (press Return after each):
$ cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/
$ sudo rm preferences.plist NetworkInterfaces.plist
You can now set your network preferences as necessary without entering the endless loop. I found this fix in this thread on the Apple Discussions site.
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10.4: Security Update 2008-06 and Network preferences
Authored by: jiclark on Oct 08, '08 08:40:27AM
Some users are reporting that it has nothing to do with PPP on their machines. Thus, other fixes are necessary. More info here:

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10.4: Security Update 2008-06 and Network preferences
Authored by: quadraman on Oct 08, '08 10:20:28AM

Actually, although raboox8 mentions PPP passwords, the solution he outlines does remove all the network settings for Airport and other network interfaces. Therefore, it should work for other interfaces.

It worked for me using Airport. Very simple, yet elegant solution, I'd say. If you're a road warrior with loads of different network location profiles, it could be a pain to recreate them all, but for your average one or two network kinda Mac user, it should do the trick.

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10.4: Security Update 2008-06 and Network preferences
Authored by: Storm608 on Oct 09, '08 04:58:30AM

I got caught in the same endless loop but my network is a home setup that only encompasses 2 computers. I just deleted the Preferences.plist and the loop was gone. I then had to create a new location for the network and the system was working fine again.

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10.4: Security Update 2008-06 and Network preferences
Authored by: george.j.wright on Feb 19, '09 01:55:20AM

I removed the 4 /SystemConfiguration files as suggested by raboox8 and the annoying ""Your network settings .." thing ended. After accessing each item in the System Preferences application the 4 deleted files were eventually automatically rewritten. All OK.
Except that the "Date & Time" panel will no longer open!
When I click on that I get the BeachBall spinning and Application Not Responding so I must Force Quit. Has anyone seen this?

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10.4: Security Update 2008-06 and Network preferences
Authored by: fate2012 on Jun 18, '11 07:02:20PM

Does anyone know when we do a Tiger 10.4 reinstall from scratch and then update to 10.4.11 - how can we tell what security update this update has within itself?

the reason for asking is when trying to obtain a Torrent client (and it seems like everyone in the world thinks that the rest of the world actually uses new computers) - the version required emphasized having Mac security update 2008-002 for 10.4.11 Mac o/s

this Mac requires an older Torrent client because it is in need of some older software that only some very helpful (Pirate Bay) providers can give (no thanks to Steve Jobs or Bill Gates - they have both been lost to capitalism)

only the old software works on my 1.5GHz PPC G4 Mac (provided Adobe or some other nasty new crap doesn't automatically make settings changes that can't be reversed)

supposed to make sure to have Mac security update 2008-002, but all I know is that my computer has 10.4.11

the application this Mac will be trying to utilize will eventually be torrent client "Transmission" (version 1.52 apparenty was the last to support this Mac with 10.4.11)

and then when that torrent app works (Transmission 1.52 or__?)
- only then can it download what is actually needed = some old music mixing DJ software

(older version of virtual dj that will work on my Mac 10.4.11 tiger PPC)

it's amazing how good this computer still is with 2GB Ram, and the only reason i lost everything and had to reinstall was because Adobe decided to auto install some new flash that screwed my whole computer up for work somehow

if someone can tell how one would know what security update is within this old gem of a computer, or please tell how to revert to 2008-002 that could be appreciated

please don't answer goto "about this Mac - more info" or "software update - preferences - installed updates:" because it ends up saying this:
April 16th 2011 (install date) Mac OSX update combined (powerPC) version10.4.11

maybe the install date leads us to know what security update could perhaps be contained within this MAc os version... i don't know, and not sure even if the music software developers care to help, but this
computer can be designated in the entertainment room for music mixing instead of being thrown out - that is certain

3 things

1. need a torrent client that works for this old mac, and some (well over 8 hrs) research says get an older version from Transmission (available here at, but which one is a total mystery (chats have suggested vr 1.52 was the last support for this old mac, but alas - it didn't launch)

2. need old music mix software that works for this old mac, and some (well over 12 hrs) research says get virtual_dj_pro_5.0_beta3 for mac. This wasn't easy to narrow down, so if anyone knows wtf will work on this old mac then lets hear it.

3. if Transmission 1.52 is the torrent client answer in order to download the torrent file for the old music mixing software, then the last thing is that it (the torrent app 1.52) requires security update to be 2008-002 in order to work - so how do we know what security update we have in our Mac?

No lame reply from 10.5 Leopard users please - remember this is to avoid recycling, and dedicate an old Mac computer to our activity room beside the outdoor hot tub at our log cabin in Whistler, BC.

this has been a lot of work, so please trust that this could help someone else one day in the future

thanks in advance from the mountains in Whistler, BC

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