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Avoid a hardware model filter bug in OS X Server OS X Server
This is more of a workaround than a hint, but will hopefully save some folks the hours of annoyance I've had to deal with.

The problem can be summarized as follows: In the Server Admin application, installed with Apple's Server Admin Tools, you can manage many of Mac OS X Server's features, including Netboot and Netinstall images. Once you have created a Netinstall image, you have the option in Server Admin to specify what types of Apple hardware are allowed to boot the image over the network. I refer to these filters as hardware model type filters, though I'm not sure of their official name. Anyway, once a model type filter is set for a given Netinstall image, a workaround is required to make future edits to the same filter in the GUI.

Steps to Reproduce the bug:
  1. Create a netinstall image.
  2. Edit the hardware model type filter by clicking the pencil button, then click OK, then Save.
  3. Try again to edit the same hardware model type filter, click Okay, then Save.
  4. Look at the filter a third time and the changes made in step three will not have been applied
Steps to work around the bug:
  1. Toggle the Enable checkbox. Note it does not matter what state the checkbox is in, so it can be toggled to either the enabled or disabled position.
  2. Edit the model type filter by clicking the pencil button. Important: do not click the Save button between this step and the prior step.
  3. After editing, click OK, then click Save.
Look at the filter again, and the changes made will have held this time. It appears that the state change of Enable is what triggers a write operation to the plist once the Save button is clicked. That is, nothing gets written when Save is clicked unless the state of the Enable checkbox has changed.
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