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Oct 15, '08 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: DevMac

One of the most unused features of Safari 3.x is opening, loading, and reloading a group of favorite sites in tabs with a single click of the mouse. Here is my solution, which uses QuicKeys X3 to automate the action with a hot key no matter if Safari is closed, open, or hidden on the desktop.

In Safari, prepare a set of bookmarks to open with a single click:

  1. Create and name a new folder on your Bookmarks Bar, e.g., Fav
  2. Place all your favorite sites in Fav
  3. Control-click on Fav and choose Open in Tabs to open all the tabs at once, just to test and make sure you've got what you want.
  4. Use the Auto-Click column on the Show All Bookmarks page to make the Fav folder open with a single click. (Alternatively, select Add Bookmark For These ## Tabs from the Bookmarks menu when creating the bookmark. This action will automatically duplicate the folder and allow you give it a new name, e.g., FavTab, and then place it on the far left side of the Bookmarks bar.)

In QuicKeys X3, create the following shortcut steps:

  1. Choose » Create » Open Files » Open application Safari
  2. Choose » Create » Quickeys » Wait for Application Safari. Use these additional settings:
  3. Choose » User Action » Clicks » Click » Click at location 0h 0v. Set up to click on the FavTab in Safari using 'relative to focused window.' Click the "Set Location..." button and set the following fields: Note: The location H & V sets for CLICK and RELEASE should be the same.
  4. Scopes & Triggers: All Applications. Assign a Hot Key
NOTES: [robg adds: I haven't tested this one.]

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