How to view C-SPAN streams with Flip4Mac WMV player

Sep 19, '08 07:30:03AM

Contributed by: xr4ti

The C-SPAN web site's support for WMV on Mac (via Flip4Mac) is broken. Since many people may not want to install Real Player (the other option on C-SPAN), C-SPAN's broken web site means those Mac users can no longer stream live video from

But the C-SPAN streams themselves actually work just fine with Flip4Mac -- it's the broken web page at C-SPAN that is preventing Mac users from getting the streams. Until/unless the C-SPAN site is fixed, here are the URLs for the current C-SPAN streams (obtained from a Windows PC):

All of these streams work with my system (10.5.4, Flip4Mac, Quicktime 7.5.5). You can put them directly into QuickTime by using the File » Open URL menu item, and then saving them as Favorites.

[robg adds: I converted the URLs into hyperlinks; to copy the URL, just Control-click on each entry above and select Copy URL (or whatever your browser calls it) from the contextual menu.]

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