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New poll posted on Mac purchase plans Site News
I've just posted a new poll on your personal Mac purchase plans. Basically, with what we know now (not much, as usual), which Mac do you plan to purchase next for personal use? For each model, you can choose the currently-shipping version, or the we-know-they're-coming-someday next revision to that model. There's also an option for an as-of-yet unannounced Mac model -- something like the Mythical Mid-range Mac Minitower, for instance.

Personally, I keep holding out hope for the Minitower, but I don't think that will come to pass, so it'll probably be a next-revision iMac for the kids.
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New poll posted on Mac purchase plans
Authored by: Alnitak on Sep 14, '08 01:16:22AM

I didn't notice your "mini-tower" comment the first time around, and posted something similar in the comments of the poll itself.

I know several other people who've not bought Apple hardware for home because they wanted a mini-tower type machine and couldn't get one.

I also posted something similar on Groklaw. IMHO, Psystar wouldn't even have a business model if Apple sold such a machine themselves.


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New poll posted on Mac purchase plans
Authored by: ajeh on Sep 14, '08 04:05:57AM

For graduate school, I purchased my first mac - a Core Duo MacBook in July '06. I purchased it during the back to school promotion so I was also able to get a free iPod nano. The two items have served me very well to the point where I know my personal computers will never be Windows machines (unless I'm running Boot Camp or Parallels, etc.)

I will be graduating from school in May so I hope to score two new macs - a MacBook Pro/Air (a gift to myself) and an iMac for the desktop (hopefully as a gift from the parents).

Can't wait to see what the new year brings.

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New poll posted on Mac purchase plans
Authored by: BlackjackJoe on Sep 14, '08 08:15:33AM

While I checked next revision MacBook Pro in the poll, the next machine could just be a MacBook. My last 3 Macs have all been Laptops, and I don't see a good reason for the next one not to be a Laptop as well. I'm still running on a Powerbook-G4 1.67ghz and it's starting to show its age, so a replacement is probably going to happen in the next 6 to 9 months.

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New poll posted on Mac purchase plans
Authored by: theladyboo on Sep 14, '08 11:36:31AM

If the newer macs can handle gaming then I'll be purchasing whatever I can, but if not then I'm stuck with buying a pc. I've been trying to use certain games that require windows and the refresh rate on the mac (at least I assume that's what it is) is too slow on Parallels and I can't afford to get bootcamp right now. Someone said it's even slow on bootcamp so more insight would be helpful. :)

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