An easy way to identify specific docked document icons

Sep 15, '08 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: Anonymous

I have several FileMaker Pro documents in my Dock for work purposes. All look the same withe their stock 'FileMaker document' icons, so when I try to find Chemistry 1B 2007 or Chemistry 1B 2008, it's not real easy. I could copy and paste a custom icon for each document, of course, but then I'd have to remember which custom icon went with which document.

Instead, I opened up TextEdit, set the font size to 20, and moved the cursor away from the edge. Then I typed:

 1B     1B
 08     07
Then I held down Shift-Command-Control-4 and took a snapshot of the screen -- just enough to have each four-letter-block surrounded. Then in Finder, I used Command-I on each document to open the Get Info window, and Command-V to paste the clipboard contents.

This doesn't look real flash, but just the time saved in the "which file is which?" department makes it bearable.

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