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iMovie and additional graphic cards Apps
An Apple representative confirmed for me today that if you add an additional graphics card to one of your Macs PCI slots it will disable iMovie '08 completely and iMovie HD partially.

The problem is with Quartz Extreme. Even if you have an AGP QE compatible card, adding an additional PCI graphics card that does not support QE will disable both applications. As far as I know there are no PCI cards that support Quartz Extreme, and in iMovie's System Requirements there is no mention of graphic cards at all, let alone adding additional ones to your PCI slots.

It may be a small problem to some but those who have an additional card will find buying iLife '08 to be worth in reality 3/4 of the amount they've paid.
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iMovie and additional graphic cards
Authored by: Panjandrum on Aug 18, '08 09:32:29AM

There used to be a method for doing this called "PCI extreme", which worked very well for me for a number of years. However, I seem to recall that it no longer functions and may actually prevent your system from booting, so be very cautious before traveling down that path... However, the complaint you have is only one symptom of a larger and growing problem. Apple's focus on "single window" solutions and failing support for multi-screen setups.

In general Apple's multi-display support has become less robust over time instead of better. Since you mention AGP and PCI, obviously you're talking about older systems, but even on my Mac Pro tower I have issues using my single stock Apple radeon card (rev. 2, so a good card) with 2 screens attached to it. Specifically I have problems with iMovie 08, which will simply refuses to properly display playing movies until I move the window from one screen to the other (after which I can move it back to the original screen without issue). When I attempting to use two video cards (one ATI, one nVidia) things only got worse. My Mac Pro now marks the first time since my original Mac II that I have had less than 3 screens running simultaneously (on my G4 Sawtooth I was all the way up to 6 for a while, and running PCI extreme, with zero issues.) Lots of other minor issues also abound, such as iPhoto forgetting the placement of the adjustments dialogue etc. I do plan on installing a second, faster ATI card when I get the chance, and hopefully I'll finally get to use some of the other screens I have sitting here being useless. As a rule of thumb I no longer trust Apple software to properly support multiple-screens and have been moving away from products which don't work properly whenever possible.

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iMovie and additional graphic cards
Authored by: klax88 on Aug 21, '08 01:39:18PM

On my G5 iMovie launches with a message about one or more graphics cards not being compatible with QE and I can only then press ok and it quits. iMovie HD opens with about the same message but allows me to continue saying certain effects will be disabled.
iMovie is junk anyway compared to iMovie HD which I use mainly for importing. But now I'm wondering if Final Cut Express or anything else is affected as well.

The Tier 2 Apple guy was pretty rude but he finally conceded to send a note to the engineers of iMovie (I doubt he did) and he told me he would send another note to someone else so as to make clear what else should be included in iMovies listed system requirements. As they stand now no one buying the product would know anything at all about graphic card requirements or disabilities. Apple has in effect sold me Apple software that doesn't work on my Apple Macintosh computer, and they did not give me any warning that it wouldn't.
Are there any lawyers out there that would take my case against Apple for gratis? Why is ATI/AMD not concerned? They still sell PCI cards for Macs. I know, I paid almost $130 for one.

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