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Correct a 'filename cannot be used' error Desktop
Sometimes, when copying/pasting text on a file or folder name field, you get the error message: "The name. [filename] cannot be used. Try using another name". Yet, the name seems fine; there aren't any obvious illegal characters in it. The problem is that the pasted text may contain some invisible characters, in the spaces between words, that are not accepted by Mac OS X. Yet no clue is given as to where such characters may be located in the filename.

The fix is to delete and retype every single space between the words of such a name. A much faster and convenient solution is to use an application like SmartWrap (I am not affiliated with them; their product just works well for this sort of thing).
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Correct a 'filename cannot be used' error
Authored by: taran on Aug 11, '08 08:57:39AM
SmartWrap looks nice, but also looks like overkill for this scenario. I'd recommend the free Plain Clip (no affiliation).

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Correct a 'filename cannot be used' error
Authored by: Fairly on Aug 11, '08 09:45:15AM
Agreed. I use this but that takes an investment in a lot more. But this way I can see what lurking bytes are in conflict. Presumably it's always something that doesn't work with UTF-8 - often something > 127.

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Correct a 'filename cannot be used' error
Authored by: boxcarl on Aug 11, '08 02:52:54PM

OT, but Apple should fix this. Why can't I name a file whatever I want? Apple can just use some obscure private use Unicode characters to represent / and : internally, and swap them out for user display. They already have the architecture for swapping stuff out in place since they use it for localized file names.

I frequently run into this problem with research papers I read. The name of the paper will be something like "John Smith - 'Towards a new model of paper titles: Fundamental dynamics in nomenclature'" which then I have to rename for no good reason. It's very annoying.

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Correct a 'filename cannot be used' error
Authored by: catodysseus on Aug 26, '08 01:37:58PM

How stupid is it to get the warning dialog and no chance to edit the incorrect filename but instead have to start all over.

This is soo retarded.

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