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Completely uninstall PhoneView Install
The procedure outlined on Ecamm Network's website for uninstalling PhoneView is not necessarily complete. The Ecamm website indicates "to uninstall PhoneView, simply drag the PhoneView icon to the Trash icon on your dock." However, by default PhoneView will enable an option in its preferences to "launch PhoneView when iPhone is Attached." The effect of this option is to create an entry in the Login Items tab, which can be found in Accounts section of System Preferences.

If you just trash PhoneView, the entry in the Login Items tab is NOT removed. Unfortunately, that means that every time you login from now on, the will run. The best way to avoid this situation is to be sure to uncheck the box 'Launch PhoneView when iPhone is Attached' in PhoneView's preferences before trashing PhoneView

If you happen to delete PhoneView without unchecking the box, then you can cleanup in one of two ways:
  1. Re-download PhoneView from Ecamm's website, uncheck the offending preference, and then trash PhoneView
  2. Go to the Accounts section in System Preferences and manually remove PhoneViewHelper from the Login Items tab. (Note that you must remove it by using the minus button, not by simply unchecking it, which only hides it but does not remove it).
Also, to completely clean up after removing PhoneView, you might want to run the following in Terminal:
$ rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.ecamm.PhoneView.plist
$ rmdir ~/Library/Application Support/PhoneView
$ rm -rf /private/var/folders/eR/eRBksv+RGmS05uQjre+8GE+++TQ/-Caches-/com.ecamm.PhoneView
Finally, using your favorite text editor, remove the PhoneView entry from the file PreferenceSync.xml found here: ~/Library » Application Support » PreferenceSync.
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