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TransformMovie - A QuickTime movie rotation tool Pick of the Week
Without fail, every few weeks it seems I'd get an email or iChat from a relative that went something like this: "Hey, I just shot a QuickTime movie with my digital camera, but I did so with the camera rotated. Can you use QuickTime Pro on it for me, and rotate it the way it's supposed to be?" So they'd then email me a large file, I'd take two seconds to rotate it in QuickTime Pro, save it, and email it back to them. I figured there had to be a better solution, and after some web searching, I stumbled on TransformMovie.

This simple app lets you rotate -- in any increment of degrees that you like -- movies, as well as flipping them horizontally and/or vertically. You can also scale them, preserve the date stamp, and optionally choose to overwrite the original movie. All of these values are set in the program's preferences.

To set the rotation angle, you move a slider anywhere from 0 degrees to 360 degrees. While this works, I wish there were indicators on the slider for 90-degree increments, which would make these often-used values easier to find. Still, if you always rotate your camera one direction, you'll only have to set this value once, so it's not too bad. (If you use anything other than 90-degree increments, TransformMovie adds a black frame around your video.)

Once you've set the preferences, you use TransformMovie by simply dragging and dropping video clips into its small window. It will prompt for a destination (you can also set that in preferences), then apply your specified transformation. It's simple and fast, and works quite well.

While it's not free, $10 is much nicer than $30 for QuickTime Pro, and paying for any one of Limit Point's utilities gives you a license for all of their utilities. Since pointing my relatives at TransformMovie, I've spent a lot less time rotating videos for them, and that's a good thing!

Note: This week's Pick marks a change -- the picks are no longer rated. Several readers have pointed out that if a given program is chosen as a Pick of the Week, that implies at least a certain level of usability and features. (The reality was that the majority of Picks scored either 8 or 9, with the occasional 10 and the even-rarer 7, so we effectively had about a three-step scale anyway.)

After mulling it over, I've decided I agree with them. I'll still try to point out any problems I spot in a given program, obviously, but I'll no longer be assigning an actual rating to each one.
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TransformMovie - A QuickTime movie rotation tool
Authored by: garythemacguy on Aug 04, '08 06:27:11AM

If you're a Canon shooter, Canon's supplied software allows you to rotate your movies - for free.

In ImageBrowser, navigate to your movie, highlight it and select "Movie Edit..." from the "Edit" menu. That'll open the "MovieEdit Task" utility with your movie already loaded for subsequent editing.

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TransformMovie - A QuickTime movie rotation tool
Authored by: drudus on Aug 04, '08 06:48:30AM
There is an Apple script that use the power of Quicktime Pro, but doesn't actually require the pro license to use. If you are on a tight budget its free…

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TransformMovie - A QuickTime movie rotation tool
Authored by: rab777hp on Aug 04, '08 05:02:08PM

As I'm sure many people here know, iMovie '08 allows you to rotate movies as well.

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TransformMovie - A QuickTime movie rotation tool
Authored by: scottrussell on Aug 04, '08 09:57:36PM
I agree iMovie '08 is the easiest way to perform the 90 degree rotation.

If you accomplish the rotation in Quicktime Pro via "Window --> Show Movie Properties --> Video Track --> Visual Settings tab --> flip/rotate", you'll get a movie with an odd aspect ratio -- which causes the image to become stretched when imported into other apps (like iMovie HD or iWeb).

To get Quicktime Pro to maintain the usual 640x480 aspect ratio and put black bars on either side of your "tall" video, you'll want to follow some fairly complicated instructions...

TinyURL link:

Original link:

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TransformMovie - A QuickTime movie rotation tool
Authored by: rab777hp on Aug 10, '08 05:40:11PM

Why did you put the link twice? There's no difference if we click on a tinyurl link or the regular one.

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TransformMovie - A QuickTime movie rotation tool
Authored by: asmeurer on Aug 04, '08 05:55:59PM

OK here's the problem: people are sending you these files because they don't want to pay for QT Pro. Referring them to another paid app won't help. You either need to find a free solution, or find friends that aren't so cheap.

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MPEG Streamclip
Authored by: magir on Aug 05, '08 04:40:46AM
What about MPEG Streamclip? It's free and, as it seems, allows rotation of movies.

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