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Jump to search field in Contacts on iPhone iOS devices
One of the new features in the iPhone 2.0 software is the ability to search your contacts (as well as an actual Contacts icon, instead of being forced to reach them from the phone section of the iPhone). The search field, however, is located at the top of the contact list, and is (strangely) not fixed in place. So if you scroll down, it scrolls off the top of the screen.

To get it back, you can scroll up, of course, but that's time consuming. Instead, just tap the status bar (carrier, wireless strength, etc.), as you can do in Safari to jump to the top of a web page. This will take you to the top of your Contacts, bringing the search field back into view.

I can't remember where I heard this one, though I think it was from a fellow Macworld writer during an iPhone 2.0 software conference call. Best as I can tell, though, it's not documented in the latest version of the iPhone user's manual (which is some 22 pages longer than the January 2008 version).
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Not news
Authored by: chrisfriend on Jul 16, '08 07:52:51AM

That applied in only Safari on 1.x software; its expansion into nearly all other applications (including Mail, etc.) was mentioned in the "What's New" Guided tour from Apple.

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Jump to search field in Contacts on iPhone
Authored by: Clint MacDonald on Jul 16, '08 08:38:57AM

At first, I thought that this hint did not work. But that was due to the fact that Contacts (at least for me) always freezes up for the first two or three seconds after I open it. :-(

Best wishes, Clint

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Contacts slow to respond
Authored by: piper on Jul 17, '08 04:41:57AM

Yeah, I'm having the same problem: When I first open Contacts on my 2.0 (iPhone 1 with firmware 2.0, that is), the system hangs for a good solid 5-8 seconds. Drives me crazy. I'm not sure if it's because I am running 2.0 on an iPhone 1, because I downloaded the "pre-release" 2.0 firmware (before it was an auto update in iTunes), or because I am running low on space on my 8GB iPhone. Do you have any thoughts?

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Jump to search field in Contacts on iPhone
Authored by: vasiliki on Jul 16, '08 09:16:36AM

There is also a little magnifying glass icon at the top of the alphabet on the right of the contact list, so you can tap there to go to the search field as you would tap any letter.

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Jump to search field in Contacts on iPhone
Authored by: Fofer on Jul 16, '08 04:46:16PM

Yes, and this is also immediate. Tapping the status bar makes it scroll quickly... whereas tapping the magnifying glass takes you to straight away. Subtle difference, but noticeable.

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Jump to search field in Contacts on iPhone
Authored by: ConKon on Apr 19, '11 10:19:27AM
C.Lookie will search by phone number or address and let you call or edit the contacts you find.

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