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Auto-accept iChat screen sharing sessions Apps
I went to Europe for three weeks this summer, and wanted a way to be able to grab things from my iMac while I was away. I figured out how to alter the Auto-Accept script in iChat to enable remote screen sharing as well, so that I could start a remote session without confirmation.

Input the code below into Script Editor, and save it as Auto Accept modified.applescript in /Library » Scripts » iChat. Then, in iChat's buddy list, control-click on the name of the person from whom you'd like to auto-accept screen sharing, and select Show Info from the pop-up menu. Click on the Alerts tab, and set the Event pop-up to Audio Invitation (screen sharing comes in as an audio invitation). Next, click the Run AppleScript check box, and use the pop-up menu to select the script you just saved. It's very important that you enable this on a per user basis, not through the Alert tab in iChat's preferences -- unless, that is, you want all your buddies to have full access to your computer without your confirmation.

The same can be done for Video Invitations, Text Invitations, and Incoming File Transfers, respectively, as they're all covered in the above script.

[robg adds: I tested this, and it works as described...]
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Auto-accept iChat screen sharing sessions
Authored by: kirsch on Oct 30, '08 07:29:19AM

That's cool, it's like Back To My Mac screen sharing without paying for MobileMe.

But I guess this means you need 2 separate iChat accounts, right? One for the the machine you want to control and one for the machine you're controlling from.

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Auto-accept iChat screen sharing sessions
Authored by: tc_nyc on Oct 30, '08 07:52:21AM
It seems this is actually a bug with Apple's original Auto Accept.applescript

This hint copies the original script and removes the clause if (screen sharing of theChat is none) then under the audio invitation line to allow screen sharing auto-accepts to work.

I can't think of a legitimate reason for Apple to have a script that is supposed to "Auto Acccept" in iChat but specifically blocks auto-accepting screen sharing so I will submit this as a bug.

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Auto-accept iChat screen sharing sessions
Authored by: jeffbyrnes on Oct 30, '08 08:42:21AM

You can also just enable screen sharing in the Sharing prefs pane, and use the Screen Sharing app on your other Mac(s). Point for this idea though: having it set up like this in iChat will probably circumvent some firewall/port forwarding issues.


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Auto-accept iChat screen sharing sessions
Authored by: osxpounder on Oct 30, '08 10:50:56AM

Only if both machines are running Leopard. They probably will be, but it's possible you'll be using a Mac that belongs to someone else, if you're traveling, and you can't count on them having the latest OSX update. Some kinds of work require a person to finish projects before taking the risk that upgrading OSX might break something important, mid-project. That's just one example.

I often use a laptop that runs Tiger, and I have no plans to upgrade it until I find I have no choice. It has some apps that would have to be upgraded, too, at considerable cost. Meanwhile, I haven't found Leopard to have any features I need badly enough to shell out a lot of money to upgrade the other programs. I rely on the laptop for certain kinds of work, and it's reliable right now, as is (except for a recent bulging battery issue covered by AppleCare).

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Auto-accept iChat screen sharing sessions
Authored by: asmeurer on Nov 01, '08 07:38:13PM

I would highly recommend simply activating screen sharing in System Preferences and using the screen sharing application or another VNC client. The reason is that this way you can have a password, whereas the only password for the auto accept way is your iChat password, which you most likely have set to login automatically. Remember that if you do this, anyone who has the right information can access and control your computer.

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Auto-accept iChat screen sharing sessions
Authored by: kais on Sep 27, '09 09:10:19AM

This hint is a free alternative the Back to My Mac feature of MobileMe. It is as secure as the chat you've initiated, which can be very secure. It is limited to the account you create for auto accepting and your initiating account.

Someone would have to steal your remote Mac, then be clever enough to attempt initiating Screen Sharing on the specific account for this to be insecure. You can simply disable the auto accept account on the Mac you used to Screen Share with.

VNC sends it passwords in the clear, which is bad enough on a local network. The thought of sending the VNC connection over the internet is even worse. Obviously that connection can be tunneled using SSH, but the performance is awful.

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Auto-accept iChat screen sharing sessions
Authored by: bcometa on Feb 02, '09 10:32:37AM

Brilliant! Excellent hint! I use this now for connecting to my client's computers to fix problems when they aren't at their computer to hit the accept button (I'm a Mac tech). Thanks!!

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Auto-accept iChat screen sharing sessions
Authored by: kais on Sep 27, '09 09:15:41AM

On Snow Leopard, the Auto Accept script is configured by default to accept all kinds of chats, including Screen Sharing and Video, making this hint even easier to use.
Simply skip to the set where you create a script event on initiation of Screen Sharing by you on your "buddy's" account.

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Auto-accept iChat screen sharing sessions
Authored by: alshead on Feb 22, '10 09:13:25AM

I've been using an auto-accept script of various sorts over the years. With the new features in Snow Leopard, it's easier than ever to set this up (the hint about selecting the user from your buddy list, then get info/ alerts is HUGE to make this work right for just selected users).

One caveat that I would add- I have modified the script to automatically set the volume to 0. I have logged on to my computer before only to scare the bejeesus out of my wife.

In the line from the auto accept script (in script editor), add to look like this:

on received local screen sharing invitation from theBuddy for theChat
tell application "finder"
set volume 0
end tell
accept theChat
end received local screen sharing invitation


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Snow Leopard iChat auto-accept script anomaly over WAN
Authored by: withdave on May 19, '10 12:52:59PM

For me the iChat auto-accept script works like a charm accessing screens from Macs running Leopard and Snow Leopard on my local LAN. However, when connecting to my parent's Macs over the Internet it will not let me into a Mac running Snow Leopard yet works fine on their Leopard Macs. This cannot be a router related issue because all Macs are going through the same routers on both ends. All accounts are AIM screen names.

After several frustrating attempts trying to get the remote Snow Leopard connection to auto-accept I assumed this was an extra security feature Apple added in Snow Leopard. However, I just accidentally found a way to get around the problem. Just start an audio chat first and it will auto-accept. Then make your screen sharing request and that will auto-accept too.

Both screen sharing and audio chat auto-accept use the same entry in the auto-accept script so I figure Snow Leopard has a bug or Apple didn't totally cover their security enhancement. I hope its the former, because it is extremely useful for me to work on my parents Macs without having them to have to go to their computers to answer an accept request dialog. Especially at 3 in the morning! ;-)

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Auto-accept iChat screen sharing sessions
Authored by: pcurtner on May 20, '10 09:28:50AM

The donationware Chax can also be set to allow auto-accepts of various types and can limit who it will auto-accept from.

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