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Somewhat control calendar colors in iPhone 2.0 iOS devices
iPhone 2.0 lets you see multiple calendars in different colors. However, unlike iCal, you can't chose which calendar is which color. Here's a way (sort of) to select specific colors for specific calendars.

The calendar app displays calendars in the following colors: red, orange, blue, green and purple, assigning them seemingly at random. However, if you add your calendars one at a time, syncing after each addition, they will be assigned in the order listed above.

I created dummy calendars in iCal so I could "skip" a color. Just sync them in the proper position in the rotation, and delete them when you're done syncing all your calendars. Calendars won't change color after you've synced them onto your phone if you delete a previous one in the sequence.
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Somewhat control calendar colors in iPhone 2.0
Authored by: zed on Jul 11, '08 08:12:08AM

eh... crazy talk... in ical just right click on the calendar title and "get info" then change the colour (color) to what ever you like... on next sync the iphone will get the change too!



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Somewhat control calendar colors in iPhone 2.0
Authored by: roachjd on Jul 11, '08 03:48:18PM

Where exactly are you clicking to "get info"

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Somewhat control calendar colors in iPhone 2.0
Authored by: unforeseen:X11 on Jul 11, '08 02:23:41PM

Neither hint works for me. The color order when adding calendars sync-by-sync is another one (too lazy to go through all colors) and changing colors has no effect. Too bad, I really have those colors memorized...

this is not the sig you`re looking for.

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Somewhat control calendar colors in iPhone 2.0
Authored by: roachjd on Jul 11, '08 03:58:54PM


This is a very creative way to get around the wrong color deal. Worked for me. I still don't get what kept apple from having these match EXACTLY your ical calendar. Seriously was there nobody over there who thought... this is gunna annoy people.

Anyway if I can offer one add on... If you only sync one calendar, iphone wont give it a color at all. So you have to start with syncing 2 calendars. Chose whichever one you want to be Red... and a second one whos first letter in the title comes later in the alphabet.

After that just turn off the second one if its not needed or its not the right color and sync again. Now you will only have the Red calendar. Continue by adding calendars one at a time and they will result in this order.

Red(the one you started with)

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Somewhat control calendar colors in iPhone 2.0
Authored by: anaccident on Jul 12, '08 02:34:59AM
If you sync calendars over-the-air using MobileMe, the original iCal colors (including custom colors) work on the iPhone.

According to this thread, at least one person has managed to make the iCal colours work as expected on the iPod without MobileMe by checking the 'Calendars' box next to "replace information on this iPhone" before doing a sync.

One possible solution (as yet untested) would be to sign up for a free 60-day MobileMe trial, do the sync and see if the custom colours remain on existing iPhone calendars after the trial has lapsed – worth a try for those not wanting MobileMe.

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Work backwards
Authored by: jonathanberger on Jul 12, '08 06:51:19PM

Another solution here is to work backwards. Just change the color in iCal to match the colors assigned by your iPhone to particular calendars. You might not like the color as much, but at least they'll match.

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Authored by: LoB on Jul 12, '08 11:15:35PM

Would it be doable to write an app that changes iCal calendar colors?

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Somewhat control calendar colors in iPhone 2.0
Authored by: LoB on Jul 13, '08 05:42:10AM

Would it be doable to write an app that changes iCal calendar colors?

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*THE* solution: MobileMe push
Authored by: ClassicUser on Jul 15, '08 02:35:06AM

I was ecstatic to discover that once I enabled MobileMe, and synced my calendars to the cloud, each calendar showed up in its appropriate iCal color. I even have subtle differences in my "work" calendars (blue for one project, dark blue for another), and these came across exactly as desired.

Not a solution for everyone, obviously, but it was a WONDERFUL surprise, obviating the need for much of the manual effort involved in this original hint (hmm should this be a new hint in itself?)

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Re-save calendar colors on mobileme and issue is corrected on iphone
Authored by: macnewbie75 on Jul 16, '08 05:14:13PM
I found this article:

At the bottom in the comments section is the solution: When you sync from your Mac to MobileMe, it does show the correct colors, but the iPhone does not. So, go to MobileMe, and go to each calendar, and pick the "list of calendar actions" button (it is to the right of the Month drop down at the top of each calendar you select).

Select calendar info, and you'll see a screen which shows your calendar name and the correct color. Just click "ok" to save the color one more time, and it'll show up correct on yoru iphone.

One thing to note - when I synced with my Mac it saw this as a conflict between the two, so I had to pick either Mac or MobileMe, even though they both showed the same color.

Now my iphone, mobileme, and Mac all have the same colors without have to sync in any particular order.

Hope this helps!

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iPhone 3.0 Calendar Subscription Colors
Authored by: rei on Jun 12, '09 08:19:21AM
Here are some hints for iPhone 3.0's new Calendar subscriptions and proper colorization:

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