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Use MobileMe push email with any email address iOS devices
You can set up MobileMe to use any email address as a 'push' email on the iPhone. The first thing you need to do is set your non-MobileMe (.Mac) email address for auto-forward to your MobileMe (.Mac) account.

When you create the email account, make sure you set it up as Other (not as a .Mac or MobileMe account.) Then select IMAP as the type of account. Enter the name and auto-forwarded email address. (This is the email address that will show as the "From" email, even though you're using your MobileMe account.)

For your mail server settings, use your MobileMe settings:
  • Incoming settings:
    • Host Name:
    • User Name: MobileMe user name
    • Password: MobileMe password
  • Outgoing Settings:
    • Host Name:
    • User Name: MobileMe user name
    • Password: MobileMe password
  • Advanced:
    • Use SSL - On
    • Authentication - Password
    • Server Port - 587
Now you're able to receive 'push' email from your non-MobileMe account, and reply without using the address. (You can use those same settings in the Mail App as well.)
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Use MobileMe push email with any email address
Authored by: sven on Jul 10, '08 08:11:19AM

Does MobileMe support non-MobileMe/non-.mac email addresses in 'From' then? Because the last I tried, .mac's smtp server refused to accept email from another sender address.

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Use MobileMe push email with any email address
Authored by: Nobody Special on Jul 10, '08 08:52:45AM

On the same note, could one use the non-MobileMe SMTP server to send e-mail?

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Push without MobileMe or Exchange?
Authored by: PopMcGee on Jul 10, '08 08:19:08AM

Great hint, thanks!

My question would be how to configure your mail server so that it does push without the need to pipe all my date through Apple's servers, or using Exchange. Any idea how to do this?

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Push without MobileMe or Exchange?
Authored by: operator207 on Jul 11, '08 07:37:07AM

IMAP Idle. If your IMAP server supports it, and your client will do IMAP Idle (I am not sure about the iPhone, but most IMAP clients support at least Idle), the IMAP server will tell/push any updates of the inbox to the client. The problem is the phone needs to maintain a connection to the server, which can be hard. Switching from wifi to edge/3G or losing your edge/3G connection when the hand off between towers is too slow. The rebuilding of the data connection and the IMAP session could be intensive, data-wise.

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Use MobileMe push email with any email address
Authored by: dallas2xist on Jul 10, '08 09:02:52AM

I apologize but you're right about the MobileMe outgoing servers. I use an outgoing server from GoDaddy that doesn't have that same limitation. Gmail will let you use their outgoing, but I think it shows the Gmail address as the 'From' email address. Most ISPs will let you use their outgoing server with your user name and password. I should have tested further on last night.

This is the only way I have been able to do this not using Exchange. Yahoo email addresses are also 'Push' but you have to pay to have POP3 (not IMAP) access in your Mail App.

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Use MobileMe push email with any email address
Authored by: sven on Jul 10, '08 12:02:21PM

Thanks for confirming this. No need to change my setup then, which is the same as yours: route mail to for retrieval / web access and use another smtp for outgoing mail from non-mac/ addresses.

gmail does support other email addresses but some mail clients (most notably Outlook) display it as "From: (sent on behalf of" (or something along those lines) which sounds rather dodgy IMO. I mean *I* know what's happening but I can see recipients raising their eyebrows, wondering who actually sent that.

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Not quite so easy
Authored by: chrisfriend on Jul 10, '08 09:43:42AM
With respect to the enthusiasm of the initial poster, I believe this hint is inaccurate.

First, the (and, I imagine, SMTP server does not allow relaying from a different email address, so mail sent from that server must be from an address ending in or

Second, in response to the suggestion about using Gmail's SMTP service, it actually does support relaying, so long as the account you are using is registered in Gmail's preferences. It's a very slick setup, IMHO. (Check out this hint to see how to set it up. The only thing I would note is that Gmail added IMAP support since the initial posting; all else is accurate.)

And finally, the heart of this suggestion is to set up a new account that uses the server for IMAP mail. While that does work, it does not allow push checking. (Look under Settings > Fetch New Data > Advanced.) The only way MobileMe is recognized as supporting push is to set it up as a native account (and thereby use its address on outgoing mail).

FWIW, an appropriate suggestion would be to forward mail as suggested in the beginning of this hint, but forward instead to a Yahoo! Mail account (which supports push), then custom-configure the Gmail SMTP service (which supports relaying a different From address).

The initial post has the right idea, but the MobileMe setup isn't as flexible as it suggests. (A price to pay for the simple setup and transparent integration of the service, I suppose). Go with Yahoo in and Gmail out to really get this to work.

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Use MobileMe push email with any email address
Authored by: KSGordo on Jul 11, '08 01:24:23PM

A company that I disclose a connection with offers a service that lets you send your email from any Internet connection using any account and any email client, including, maintaining your address in the From field. See .

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Use MobileMe push email with any email address
Authored by: andykemp on Jul 11, '08 03:37:25PM

This nearly works and it doesn't take very much to get it to actually work!

I am using a google hosted apps account, but I don't see why it shouldn't work for others...

Add two accounts in normally:
1) account
2) Gmail Account

Then ensure mail is enabled for and disabled for gmail

Go in to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > account > Account info > SMTP

Turn on the account and switch of the account...

Make sure all your email from Gmail is forwarded on to the account and all should then work as expected...

The only downside with this is you can't put your email in folders or delete things are you are not really working with you email directly (just a copy) however it will do me until Gmail support push natively...

Hope this helps some other people out...

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Use MobileMe push email with any email address
Authored by: leosantos on Jul 12, '08 09:14:46PM

I have yet to try this, but theoretically, couldn't the smtp issue be solved by using the incoming mail settings with your own email account's outgoing settings?

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Use MobileMe push email with any email address
Authored by: iptaylm on Jul 13, '08 07:52:02AM

I've been trying to set this up without any luck. I want to "push" a address.

I keep getting the error:
Cannot send mail: The connection to the outgoing server "" failed on my Iphone.

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Use MobileMe push email with any email address
Authored by: rc50won on Jul 16, '08 02:28:27PM

I am also getting the error "The connection to the outgoing server "" failed. Also the iPhone is not letting this account be setup as PUSH. It will only setup as FETCH or MANUAL.

This was a great hint and just what I was looking for. I wish I could get it to work. Are there other settings that are needed?


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Use MobileMe push email with any email address
Authored by: lionsheadblend on Jul 13, '08 10:10:45AM

To the person who suggested Loa PowerTools:

Thank you! (Unlike you, I do not have any connection to the company.)

I've been looking for this solution for a year. I had the same problem alluded to above. I wanted to use Mac Mail to send SMPT e-mail and have it appear to be from instead of

The GMail relay solution suggested above was only a partial solution. It came through to Outlook clients as ", sent on behalf of" Recipients could still tell I was using Gmail rather than my work account.

Loa PowerTools appears to be the solution. Now, the mail sent from Mac Mail appears as

Of course, this costs a monthly fee. Hopefully, Apple will give us this functionality for free, one of these days.

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Use MobileMe push email with any email address
Authored by: dandonovan1 on Jul 18, '08 09:56:55AM

OK, it looks like Loa Power Tools will be the best way to reply to pushed MobileMe emails received on the iPhone? (In order for the "from" address to appear as my normal address and not a MobileMe address). I installed the Loa Power Tools software, but am not sure how to use it with the iPhone. Can someone give me step-by-step instructions on how to implement this system?


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Use MobileMe push email with any email address
Authored by: KSGordo on Jul 18, '08 01:15:40PM
Dan and others

I apologize if my earlier post misled you. Loa PowerTools is designed to help

- people who are running their email software on laptops and who sometime have to move from one network to another, are often on the road, are often on WiFi networks, in clients' offices, in cafés or anywhere else that blocks access to their normal outgoing server (SMTP server) and for whatever reason find Webmail or to be unacceptable,

- people who have more than one email address, or

- people who want to preserve their normal From: address when using services like MobileMe or Gmail on laptops or desktops.

It doesn't work on the iPhone yet: limitations that Apple places on 3rd party iPhone apps makes it impractical to use our approach on that platform. We're exploring other approaches. We're appreciative of all the interest that has been shown and will respond to anyone interested.

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It's way easier than this
Authored by: gloubibou on Jul 25, '08 09:46:15AM

In preferences you just need to edit your MobileMe account. Under Account Information > Email address you may put a comma separated list of addresses. Enter both your MobileMe and your forwarded address here.

For outgoing SMTP server, use the server formerly used for your now forwarded address.

Pierre Bernard
Houdah Software s.à r.l.

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Why not push email to Mac?
Authored by: rickroberts on Jul 26, '08 09:39:56AM

So now we can push instead of fetch for iPhone. When will we have the same for the Mac?

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Pushing from a pop account
Authored by: u2mr2os2 on Nov 28, '09 10:37:17AM

Here's what I have:

  • My mail is set to forward to my address and not keep a copy. I don't POP it any more.
  • My MobileMe account is set up in and on the iPhone as a native MobileMe account.
  • I changed the SMTP outgoing server on to my Comcast one, so I can send as any ID from there.
  • On the iPhone, I changed the outgoing SMTP to my GMail one.
  • I then configure my GMail to send email out with my Comcast ID.
  • I send mail from my MobileMe account using my address.
The problem with the phone is that if you send from the MobileMe account, you can only use a from address of an active account on the phone. I could activate my Comcast one, but it clutters up the account list in Mail, but more importantly, on the phone, whatever account you use as "from" is where the sent item is stored. This means that if I sent mail from the MobileMe account, but picked my Comcast ID as the from, the sent mail would be stored on the phone in the Comcast account sent items and not in the MobileMe sent items on the server where other mail clients could get at. Those messages are stuck on the phone other than forwarding them off since my Comcast is only a pop account (Gmail users may be fine with this). That is why I had to use my MobileMe ID to send from so that the sent items go to MobileMe.

Using MobileMe to give push to an IMAP account has the problem of if you forward to MobileMe to use it as the IMAP inbox, the sent items from the phone won't go there if you send as from the other IMAP ID. You might could have your mail IMAP account forward a copy to MobileMe to get a push notice, but just check your mail account when you get the notice. However, your MobileMe inbox will now have duplicates piling up.

Gmail now has push, but it uses the Exchange Active Sync, of which there's only one on the iPhone. So, corporate users can't have both. I imagine that Apple could easily add a second Exchange Active Sync slot, but that Microsoft would probably want a second license fee for it.

Edited on Nov 28, '09 10:54:51AM by u2mr2os2

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