One fix for 'weak' keys on the aluminum keyboard

Jun 20, '08 07:30:02AM

Contributed by: cibi3d

I've had an aluminum keyboard since just after its launch, and I generally love it. However, what annoys me was that it easily misses some keystrokes, specially the 1/! key on my keyboard.

Today I decided to take a look at the key, and now I have it working much better. Simply raise the key with a nail and then gently insert a knife and pull down, so that the plastic cover is separated from the spring. Now you'll need a small piece of paper folded three or four times -- cut it if needed so you get a 2mm x 2mm square, with less than 1mm thickness. Put this folded paper on the inside part of the plastic cover, so it touches the key membrane when closed, and fix in place with a piece of tape. Here's what my modified key looks like.

Put the key back on the spring (press until you hear a couple of clicks). Now the key will be more responsive than before. If the piece of paper is too thick, the key now will be very sensitive. If the paper is too high, the key cap won't close at all. To fix either of these issues, just remove a bit of paper and try again.

Now I'm a 100% happy user of the aluminum keyboard!

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