Prevent EyeTV Helper from auto-launching

Jun 03, '08 07:30:01AM

Contributed by: ratzfatz

I use my OS X Leopard Server with an EyeTV to do all of my recording, with the machine running 24/7. EyeTV on the Server is configured to store all recordings in the EyeTV Archive sitting on a network-attached storage (NAS) device. My idea was to do the (time-consuming) editing and exporting from time to time on another workstation on my network, so I set up EyeTV on that workstation to point to the same EyeTV Archive on the NAS, which gave me full control over the recorded movies. I had to fiddle around a little bit to bypass the tuner configuration, because I don't want to record any movies from that workstation. Everything was fine; editing the movies over the network is not a problem at all.

Things turned weird after I noticed that my workstation somehow cached the information about scheduled recordings and woke up my Mac in the middle of the night ... sometimes I even found my workstation idling with login screen after a vacation weekend -- not so great. I tried to delete the EyeTV Helper application in my user's Login Items -- it was installed by EyeTV as a startup process. But every time I started EyeTV, it silently re-established this program for next startup. I was also unsuccessful after force quitting EyeTV Helper and deleting the EyeTV folder in Librarys/Application Support. EyeTV asked for an admin password on next launch, and reinstalled this folder and its contents.

I finally decided to tweak the EyeTV program in order to cripple its abilities on the workstation.

I found the EyeTV Helper application in the EyeTV application bundle, in Contents/Resources. I looked inside EyeTV Helper package and deleted everything inside the folder Contents/MacOS. I literally ripped out the heart of the application. I also created a dummy text file which I named Wakein (no extension), which was intended to replace the genuine file (full of Terminal commands) in the EyeTV package in Contents/Resources.

I then force quit EyeTV Helper with Activity Monitor, deleted the EyeTV folder inside Library/Application support, and restarted EyeTV. It asked me for administrator rights in order to heal itself -- which it did. It gracefully placed its own two bogus files in the folder, managed to set EyeTV Helper (not so functional any more) as a startup process, and went on to let me edit the content of the EyeTV Archive on the NAS. EyeTV seems to check for the proper location of the EyeTV folder and its files at startup -- but not for its proper content.

No more unwanted startups any more. I am totally unfamiliar with Terminal -- there is probably a much nicer workaround by using Terminal -- but this did it for me, and will probably do so for others as well.

[robg adds: I don't have EyeTV, so I can't confirm this one works.]

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