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10.5: Avoid Gmail/Address Book sync issues in 10.5.3 Apps
If you previously maintained your GMail contacts in sync with some application like A2G or whatever, enabling 10.5.3 Google contacts sync (in Address Book) may end in endless conflict resolution requests and duplicated contacts.

So it is a good idea to delete all your Gmail contacts before syncing. The problem is that GMail does not authorize more than 20 deletes at a time, so this can take all night if you have thousands of contacts. The solution is to use the old Gmail version, which is still available -- then you can select all your contacts and hit Delete and be done with it.

[robg adds: There's some confusion over this new feature in 10.5.3, as it doesn't show up (in Address Book's preferences) for all users. It seems it's only available for those with an iPod or iPhone, and that the contacts are only synched when you sync your device. There's a suggested fix on Lifehacker to allow Google contact synching even if you don't have an iPhone or iPod. However, according to the comments, it doesn't work reliably for everyone.]
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10.5: Avoid Gmail/Address Book sync issues in 10.5.3 | 9 comments | Create New Account
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Why is Gmail Sync iPhone only?
Authored by: googoo on May 30, '08 11:04:34AM

I am very annoyed that Apple made the Gmail contacts sync an iPhone only feature! I have read about the hack, but that just should not be necessary!


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Why is Gmail Sync iPhone only?
Authored by: schwing on May 30, '08 11:50:50AM

I believe it is not only for the iPhone. Check your preferences in Addressbook.

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Why is Gmail Sync iPhone only?
Authored by: googoo on May 30, '08 12:06:40PM

It does not appear in your Address Book preferences unless you have an iPhone that syncs with your Mac (unless you do the hack, and in that case it does not sync reliably).


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Gmail Sync: what works, what doesn't
Authored by: mclbruce on May 30, '08 04:23:30PM
I started a thread on this in the forums:

The short version: if you sync your calendar with any other device you should be able to sync with Gmail or Google Apps - by using an unauthorized, unsupported, etc. workaround. If you don't have a .Mac account, an iPod that does calendar syncing, or a cell phone that uses iSync, you may be out of luck.

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10.5: Avoid Gmail/Address Book sync issues in 10.5.3
Authored by: filberts on May 30, '08 08:56:49PM

Back everything up first! This is precisely the approach I took, and guess what happened? The first time I synced, all contacts in my address book were deleted (to match the empty address book on gmail, I presume.)

So, as always, be REAL careful.

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Disappointing results after syncing my Mac Address Book with Google contacts!
Authored by: eyecon on May 31, '08 07:36:11AM

I have an iPhone so this was done without the hack. And luckily I did back up both my Mac Address Book and Google contacts.

After syncing I went to my Google Contacts and all my contacts appeared to be all missing. But the number of contacts said I had over 200. I composed a new message and started typing contact names in and they all appeared in auto fill. Huh!?

Mystery solved and I'm extremely disappointed!
All my Address Book contacts that I labeled as 'Company" and having no name in the "First" or "Last" name field appeared blank in Google Contacts. And because the Name field is blank they all sort from the top. Only after scrolling down (past the company only fields) did my contact names start to appear in the list.

COME ON! This is Apple and Google here not some third party sync app created by a first time developer! WTF?

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yes, surprisingly flaky
Authored by: mclbruce on May 31, '08 08:41:40AM

I have noticed other oddities with the Google Contacts - Address Book sync. Middle names in Address book are tough for Google Contacts to handle. If you have a first name with spaces in it, such as Mary Ann, that can cause problems with Google Contacts as well. Most of these problems are mentioned in Google's FAQ, but still...

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yes, surprisingly flaky
Authored by: BrentT on Jun 02, '08 08:18:48AM

After enabling GMail sync in Address Book the addresses synced fine. I had deleted all contacts first. Afterwards I kept getting errors on my desktop that Contact syncing failed because another computer was accessing the sync. I turned off GMail sync in Address Book and the error messages went away.

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10.5: Avoid Gmail/Address Book sync issues in 10.5.3
Authored by: AveryTimm on Jun 02, '08 03:47:47AM

Another side effect of doing the sync... I deleted all contacts out of gmail first, then synced. I was in a iChat/googletalk with someone and there was another person on my buddy list who was online. At some point after syncing I noticed that there was no one showing up in my buddy list. There was no list of contacts, either the ones online or offline. When I tried to add the person that I was in the chat with it said that it was waiting for authorization to add them to my list. I had to add everyone else back to the list. Most appear to be authorized.

The companies showing up as blank entries is a little annoying.

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