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May 27, '08 06:02:00AM

Contributed by: robg

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PosteRazor is a free utility that helps you create posters by printing suitably high resolution source files onto multiple sheets of paper. You then create the poster by taping the multiple sheets together. While the end result clearly won't rival what you get by sending such a task to a print shop, it will cost considerably less, making it ideal for things such as temporary posters for an office party or maybe for the kid's room at home.

PosteRazor uses a simple five-step process to create a poster: load an image, define the paper size and orientation, define the overlap area (the portion of the image that appears on multiple sheets, making alignment simpler), define the poster size (in number of pages, absolute size, or percentage of original), and save the poster. The end result is a PDF that you can then print using your printer.

I printed one of my daughter's favorite photos as a six-page poster and taped it together for her; she loved it, and it's now hanging on her wall (though given her ever-changing interests, I expect that will last a couple days at best!). Back in my prior cubicle-sitting career, a program like PosteRazor would have made for many interesting practical jokes and reduced the workload required for creating the decorations for various office events.

PosteRazor won't win any Apple Design Awards for its interface, as it's more functional than beautiful. It's also decidedly non-Mac-like, lacking a main menu bar and using button sizes and shapes that won't be found anywhere in the Human Interface Guidelines. Still, PosteRazor is easy to use, making the process of creating a poster as simple as setting a few preferences and then clicking a few buttons. If you'd like to know more about PosteRazor, Dan Frakes covered it in detail last week for the Mac Gems blog over on

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