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Some ways to avoid some Word 2008 crashes Apps
As part of my job, I edit large Word documents, usually created by Windows users. These documents include pictures, comments, tracked changes, and so on. Word 2008 seems to hate them -- it crashes more than a drunken toddler driving a Ferrari. Over time, however, I've developed a number of techniques to mitigate the disasters.

If Word crashes and then restarts, don't accept its recovered document. Close it and then open the last version you saved. Also I only ever use Save As now, not File » Save, or Command-S. I think it's this form of saving that's causing the problems. Maybe the disastrous bug is part of a 'quick save' routine?

Finally, if there's a document that Word crashes with, and continues to crash with, I had some luck opening it on a Windows version of Word using VMWare Fusion, and then saving it out again. This seems to iron out the bugs, but it didn't always work (and in fact, worked fewer times than it actually worked in the first place).

[robg adds: I haven't experienced many crashes with Word 2008, but my document needs for it are quite light by comparison, so perhaps it has something to do with the size and complexity of the document in question.]
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Some ways to avoid some Word 2008 crashes
Authored by: JNorris on May 09, '08 08:13:20AM
Since "Save As..." seems to have a palliative effect, I have to ask: Does Word 2008 have Microsoft's deadly "Fast Save" option and, if so, is it enabled (as it is by default in previous versions)?

That is, is it turned on in the Windows Word in which the crashsmashing documents are created, and/or in the Word 2008 in which they're edited?

If so (in either or both) the larger solution may be as simple as disabling Fast Save.

Quoting an authoritative source: "Fast Save (which should really be renamed "Fast Corrupt"!) works by appending changes made since the last save to the end of the file, while retaining all of the original information. ... [S]ooner or later the whole thing goes bang."

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Some ways to avoid some Word 2008 crashes
Authored by: Anonymous on May 09, '08 09:32:25AM

car crash of a program....3 years between releases and they still cant program things to work, pathetic. I too have light needs but also have noticed the problem with saves and save as....track changes can be lost using the simple save option....but it seams to be random....nice!

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Some ways to avoid some Word 2008 crashes
Authored by: montylee on May 09, '08 08:45:24AM

Long ago with a previous version I turned off the Quick Save feature, and since then my crashes with Word became few and far between (thank heavens). Word 2008 seems to be pretty reliable but I'm not turning Quick Save on. As a side, I find Word 2008 extremely slow (and Excel) on an Intel Xeon 3 GHz machine, 6 gb RAM. Nothing I do speeds it up when opening and saving documents. It is like a dinosaur.

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Some ways to avoid some Word 2008 crashes
Authored by: candelwish on May 09, '08 08:56:34AM

In my limited experience I have found that taking the file and copying it into tex edit as rich text or changing to plain text and then copying and pasting back into a new word documents seems to take care of the crashes. Typically I crash when using a word file created on an older version of word (windows based) the files I use are assignments for school.

Hope my little bit helps at least some one.

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Some ways to avoid some Word 2008 crashes
Authored by: nixlimited on May 09, '08 09:23:38AM

More importantly--WHERE THE H*** IS AN UPDATE?

How long has Office 2008 been out? How long has it been incompatible with Spaces? How long has it been slower than Office 2004? I have switched to Pages and am eagerly awaiting a full release of OpenOffice 3.0. I can't stand giving money to Microsoft anymore for their inferior products.

I mean, really, is the Mac BU at Microsoft the bottom of the class or what?

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Some ways to avoid some Word 2008 crashes
Authored by: jakob on May 09, '08 09:38:54AM

I agree that it's worth checking if your recently saved copy is more recent than Word's autosave document. It seems that Word only attempts to recover its last autosave document without checking if you had saved a more recent version yourself. Sometimes it can look like you have lost more than you actually have.

FWIW: Word 2008 crashes for me too a lot too, also on non-complex text-only documents - not a reliable tool for a translator. This is with spaces disabled entirely.

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Some ways to avoid some Word 2008 crashes
Authored by: rmanke on May 09, '08 10:15:10AM

Office 2008 is definitely the buggiest commercial software package I own.

It crashes on me every day, and sometimes several times in a day - and this happens with small or large documents as well as documents created in Office 2008 for Mac!

Not to mention it is a LOT slower than previous versions.

Hopefully, they come out with an update soon!

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Some ways to avoid some Word 2008 crashes
Authored by: redclawx on May 09, '08 12:27:01PM

The only reason I use Office 2008 is for work. I have Open Office on my home system just for opening Word and Excel documents that I occasional need to work on from home. Mostly I use the iWork suite as that more than meets my needs.

As for the crashes, I would have to agree that Office in general crashes. I can launch Word 2008 or Excel on my office computer and shortly the whole system will kernel panic. If I don't have any Office application opened (including Entourage), I can run my system for days, weeks, possibly even months without rebooting. Since I usually have at least one Office application opened, Entourage for checking my Exchange e-mail, my system would routinely crash almost on a daily basis.

On a side note: I'm still frustrated that Office 2008 is still not 100% feature comparable with it's Windows counterparts. Notes and tasks syncing are still not available, as is categories, and about half of the address data continues to get missed or reversed, (work addresses become home address and vise-verse.) And for the price we are paying, there are still missing applications; Groove, InfoPath; OneNote; Access.

There is one good thing to come out of this, I never had to pay for MS Office. It's payed for by the company I work for.

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Some ways to avoid some Word 2008 crashes
Authored by: CajunLuke on May 09, '08 12:42:18PM

Hmmm… interesting. I have Word 2008, and I wouldn't give it up for anything. Granted, it's pokey at times, but I've never had too much trouble with it (it's never crashed), and it's slightly faster than Word 2004 on my MBP. There are several things that irritate me, but these are basically default settings that have been the same in every version I've used - back to Word '97 on my dad's old Dell.

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Some ways to avoid some Word 2008 crashes
Authored by: bogdescu on May 10, '08 12:52:13PM

The biggest crash Word 2008 generated, as far as I'm concerned, is dropping it's support for Visual Basic for Applications. (the windoze version still has it)
Not that I am a fan of VBA - I don't even know too well what it is.
I'm a translator that uses the product called Wordfast (very popular in our industry).
So, for me, upgrading to Word 2008 is going to happen exactly never.

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Some ways to avoid some Word 2008 crashes
Authored by: OJB on May 11, '08 02:26:55AM

I really tried to use Office 2008 on my MacBook Pro 2.33 GHz dual core but its just so slow and horrible that today I gave up and went back to 2004. I also hate 2004 but I need Office occasionally to open files that Pages, Keynote, Numbers can't handle. I downloaded OpenOffice but haven't tested it yet. I doubt whether I will ever use Microsoft products again.

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Some ways to avoid some Word 2008 crashes
Authored by: tortoise128 on May 11, '08 04:47:57AM

I have also gone back to Office 2004. I found that the new graphics handling is not very compatible with Windows (despite the claims to the contrary) and the lack of VBA is a real problem for our firm, as we use some VBA code a lot of the time to do Erlang C calculations.

I am concerned that Office on the Mac has taken a really big step backwards with this release.

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Some ways to avoid some Word 2008 crashes
Authored by: ssundkvist on Mar 04, '09 01:28:03AM

My problem was that I couldn't open any document in Word 2008 without having a crash. It didn't matter if I tried to open an existing document by clicking on it or if I tried to open one from inside Word. I suspect the reason for the crashes was that I had previously opened a file on a removable or network drive that was no longer available and that Word couldn't handle the missing location properly.

To solve the issue, I opened the file in Property List Editor and deleted all rows named "2008\File Aliases\MSWD{NUMBER}" and "2008\MRU Access Date\MSWD{NUMBER}". Don't know if I really needed to delete both types of rows but I did it anyway.

As an alternative, I suppose one could follow the directions in the earlier posts and try to move the file out on the desktop before starting Word.

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Some ways to avoid some Word 2008 crashes
Authored by: mjones1040 on Mar 24, '10 07:18:08AM

I seems that some of these annoying crashes can be avoided by just doing simple documents without any of the features that make Word useful.

I seem to have more crashes when I am editing 40 page documents that include section breaks with images. In addition to the crashes, there is a very annoying bug. If the document contains section breaks, when I print page ranges, the images won't print. I have to print the entire document to get the images to print. If I remove the section breaks. All is well. It is very annoying. I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced this with or without the crashes... The latest update does not help at all...

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