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Access all Google Docs features from Safari Web Browsers
If you are a user of Google docs (and other such Google apps) and you prefer Safari as your default browser, you will know that lots of features are lost because Safari is not a supported browser. Firefox, however, is fully supported.

If you enable the Develop menu in Safari, as covered in this hint, however, you can fix the problem. After enabling the menu, just select Develop » User Agent , and select one of the Firefox entries (2.0.x Mac, for instance), you will find that all features are enabled.

[robg adds: I'm not a huge user of Google's apps. I did, however, run a quick test with the Presentations module, and this trick certainly seemed to work. Before making the switch, I was warned that Safari wasn't fully supported, and that warning went away after changing the user agent. I also exchanged emails with the hint's author, and he states that he's not yet found an issue with a feature not working in Safari.]
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Access all Google Docs features from Safari | 5 comments | Create New Account
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Offline Access no go
Authored by: Shawn Parr on May 06, '08 08:15:53AM

Fairly obvious, but the major feature for me is that you still can't do offline access due to Google Gears not being available for Safari. While I do live in a world with almost ubiquitous access in the places I tend to be I still want to know that offline access is available.

It is like karma, as soon as I'm working on something that I have a limited amount of time for, that is when the ole cable modem and/or power goes out. With Gears I can continue working while my Macbook has battery life left. And just like Karma, with Gears available I haven't had to actually use it yet. Knowing my luck if I started using Safari (which I would greatly prefer) that bad stuff would actually happen.

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Access all Google Docs features from Safari
Authored by: S on May 06, '08 08:18:37AM

Again, enabling the Develop menu can be done in Safari preferences.

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Authored by: kkL on May 06, '08 11:59:19AM

I hate Google's '90s mentality of "IE+Netscape (Firefox) and nothing else exists".

Why don't they open their eyes and use web standards for a change!?

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Authored by: jweill on May 07, '08 07:49:49AM

Because (a) those "valid HTML/CSS" buttons don't mean anything for AJAX web applications, and because (b) Safari's JavaScript support lags far behind IE/Firefox's.

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Access all Google Docs features from Safari
Authored by: schaps on May 06, '08 12:05:29PM

While this is all well and good to accomplish this for you, it doesn't necessarily help Safari's 'cause.' The same type of method can be used to fool web sites and web services trained to only allow Windows browsers, which has been mentioned here many times.

If you are doing this on an ongoing basis, however, instead of contacting the site/developer/etc. and expressing your desire to be able to use Safari, they don't have any *incentive* to support Macs/Safari.

So do the user-agent spoofing if you must, but consider making an effort to notify these people that their sites work fine with Safari, you prove it with this method, and please acknowledge that Safari exists and is legit.

By the way, on every Windows computer I work on which belongs to people who are not techies, I install Safari and make it the default browser. I explain that if they ever get a message about needing to use Exploder, they can call me to help them. No one has yet. Many have just commented that their computer feels a lot faster. And in this way, I get Safari into web logs as much as I can, which can only help the browser and Mac platform.

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