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10.5 Server: Add group calendars to iCal OS X Server
This is actually a hint for both OS X Server 10.5 and iCal. I was trying to implement the calendaring feature in OS X Server and hit a wall when Apple's documentation did not explain how to set up multiple calendars for a single group, and how to manage them in iCal. After much searching, I found the answer (not supported by Apple) in this Apple Discussions thread.

In order to create a group calendar, you have create a group and enable calendars for that group. This is reasonably well explained in the "iCal Service administration guide for Version 10.5 Leopard" guide. In order to view the group calendars, open iCal (it has to be iCal 3), open its Preferences, and click on the Accounts tab.

There you will create an account by hitting the "+" sign and entering the following:
  1. A description the calendar account (groupname Calendars, for example)
  2. The username of one of the members of the group
  3. The user's password
  4. The Account URL (under Server Options). The URL you use in this field is the key to the solution. If you leave the field blank, iCal will add the user's account URL by default:
    In the above, USERID is a long string of letters and numbers corresponding to the path where the user's private calendar is stored. In order to add a group calendar you have to add the group URL instead:
    Replace servername with the host name of your server, and groupname with the name of the group in question.
Once you do this, a section will appear under iCal with the description you specified. From there, you can now create calendars for the group, and anyone in the group will be able to view them and edit them. (This is the only way you can do this, since the other option to view the calendars of the group, through the web page of the group, will only display one calendar.)

There are two problems with this solution:
  1. When you edit an existing appointment, iCal will display an error message saying that you cannot modify the item. This is evidently not true, as the change actually is saved to the server and other users will be able to see it.
  2. It is impossible to send invitations to an event through iCal, since attempting to do so will result in the same error as above.
I hope someone will post a better solution in the comments section...
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Sunbird a better Calendar client?
Authored by: josef.salyer on Apr 16, '08 03:08:30PM

Mozilla's Sunbird works well (dare I say better) as a client to connect to the iCal server in 10.5. I haven't received any of those errors when editing events using it.

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10.5 Server: Add group calendars to iCal
Authored by: billkelly on Apr 17, '08 03:29:07PM

I haven't (yet) had a problem with modifications to events. Did you set the group information to allow anyone to modify these services?

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10.5 Server: Add group calendars to iCal
Authored by: johnemac on Apr 17, '08 05:26:28PM

I had set this up for a company that wanted to use iCal and the web calendar accessed at the Groups web page. We could create events fine in the browser but if we tried to edit the event in iCal the event would error. We could not edit in both worlds.

There is probably a reason that this configuration is not supported by Apple. I doubt that the scripts that handle the Groups web page know what iCal Server is up to.

I'm curious as to what the distinction is between group calendars and individual calendars are; and why iCal only supports the later.

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10.5 Server: Add group calendars to iCal
Authored by: protean on Apr 18, '08 08:04:37AM
The key to editing group calendars as well as send invitations is the following.

Once you've got your group calendar showing in iCal as shown on the main hint (NOTE: You must be bound to your server's directory services and it must be functioning properly, check this with the Directory Utility)

You first need to have a personal server calendar setup in iCal > Preferences > Accounts. Do this by adding an account, enter your server shortname and password, leave the URL blank (Auto).

Setting up a group calendar for editing, all of which is done in iCal:
1) Go back to the account settings and click Delegation
2) Click the Edit button at the bottom of the sheet.
3) Add a line and start typing the users who should have write access to the group calendar. If your directory is configured properly iCal will finish typing the user's name for you.
4) Click Allow Write for each user.
5) Click Done
6) Now remove the group calendar from the iCal account list
7) Click on your account you set up previously and click Delegation
8) You should see your group in the list, click on Show
9) Exit out of Preferences

Now you can edit group calendars and add invitees.

You use this method as well to set up delegates to your personal server based calendars.

Also note that Location in an event referers to locations set up in your server's LDAP directory which can be edited using

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Authored by: salsaman on Apr 29, '09 09:03:50AM

Proxyclean is a python script for calendarserver that's supposed to remove old delegate data and improve server performance.

However, if you setup delegates to a group and then run this you'll get the notice "Found 1 invalid group names". If you choose to have proxyclean do the fix, all the delegates for the group you just setup will be purged.

Perhaps someone a bit more up on python can look at the proxycode and see what's happening.

Scott Morabito
Tech Superpowers, Boston

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