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10.5: Autostart G4FanControl in OS X 10.5 revisited Laptop Macs
When I got my PowerBook, I noticed it got ridiculously hot when using it under normal load. This is because the fans don't turn on until the machine gets really, really hot. A program called G4FanControl can help with that problem.

The GUI version runs under Leopard, but requires you to run it every time you log in, and enter your password. Once you do this, you also have to re-set your temperatures, because the app does not remember them. I found a way to work around this problem -- this earlier hint suggested a fix to this, but didn't give any code. After a couple of hours, I finally figured out how to do this (I had to learn how to make the script).

Things you will need for this:
  • The command line version of G4FanControl (version 0.4) -- download link
  • Lingon by Peter Borg.

Here's what to do...
  1. Open up a TextEdit document and make it plain text by choosing Format » Make Plain Text.
  2. Type the following code:
    cd /Users/youruser/path/to/g4fanctrol/command/line/app
    ./g4fancontrol --set nn
    Replace the /Users/youruser... bit with the full path to the command line app, and replace nn in the next line with the desired target temperature in Celsius.
  3. Save the file in a place that is permanent, and call it
  4. Launch Lingon and click New, then click 'Users Daemons.'
  5. Give your new action a name, something like com.yournamehere.fancontrol.
  6. For 'What,' click Choose and then select the file you just created.
  7. For 'When,' click the radio button next to Run it when it is loaded by the system (at startup or login).
  8. Click Save and type your password.
  9. Restart your computer
If you want to check if your script worked, download the GUI version of G4FanControl, and when it opens, if it shows your new values, it worked! This is only for PowerBook G4s and iBook G4s; MacBooks and MacBook Pros do not work with this hint.

[robg adds: As of this morning, the G4FanControl site seems to be offline, hopefully only temporarily.]
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10.5: Autostart G4FanControl in OS X 10.5 revisited | 4 comments | Create New Account
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10.5: Autostart G4FanControl in OS X 10.5 revisited
Authored by: Blast_Hardcheese on Mar 24, '08 11:27:14AM

On Intel macs, there's a nice menubar app called smcFanControl.

It shows you the current temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit and lets you set the fans to any speed. It also gets shipped with source!

I don't have a G4 so I can't test to see if smcFanControl works on PPC, but I'd like to know

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10.5: Autostart G4FanControl in OS X 10.5 revisited
Authored by: sominsky on Mar 24, '08 09:15:30PM

SMCFanControl does not work on PPC, unfortunately :(

The G4FanControl site seems to be down for the count. I wonder if the original poster or someone would consider uploading 0.4 someplace we can get it, or sending it to me and I will. Please?

And thanks for this hint! I'm using the GUI version for the moment and my old 12" PB is so much cooler now. I'm sure it's killing battery life, but it's sort of worth it to be able to use my laptop on my lap :)

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10.5: Autostart G4FanControl in OS X 10.5 revisited
Authored by: bmishkin on Mar 25, '08 05:56:42AM
Fan Control:

Easy setup via preference pane. Pretty chart. Works like a charm on my macbook and mac mini. No scripting required =)

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10.5: Autostart G4FanControl in OS X 10.5 revisited
Authored by: Apple Guy on Mar 25, '08 01:11:30PM
smcFanControl and the Lobotomo fan control are both for INTEL MACS!! This hint is for PPC macs!!!

For people with PPC macs who want the software you can download it from here:

GUI: Click Here

CLI: Click Here

Have you jailbroken your iPod touch or iPhone yet? If not visit my site to find out how!

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