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Read emails in a news reader Internet
This hint will allow you to read your emails in an RSS/news reader like NetNewsWire. First you need to create a rule in Mail and set it to forward filtered messages to ( Next, open your feed reader and subscribe to feed: (where yourfeed can be anything you choose, but must be unique and the same as what you set in your Mail rule). I recommend checking on the final feed URL before beginning -- just to make sure the name you've chosen isn't already used by someone.

Once set up, you can keep on top of your emails by IM using FeedCrier or read your emails in a newspaper-like interface using FeedJournal.

[robg adds: The MailBucket site points out a couple of valid reasons to use it:
The service is probably most useful to those who lurk on high-traffic mailing lists, but it could also be used as a rudimentary bridge between applications, with email as the transfer protocol.
Keep in mind that there's no security here. If someone can guess the URL for your feed, they can read your mail! For that reason, I'd personally not use this hint for anything other than mailing list traffic. I would also recommend coming up with the most-obscure URL you can, just to provide some minor level of security.]
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Read emails in a news reader
Authored by: mjb on Mar 19, '08 01:35:49PM
An MD5 hash would be suitable for an obscure address/URL. Something like the following shell command will generate one:
dd if=/dev/urandom bs=512 count=4 2>/dev/null | md5
The above will use 2kb of random data and hash it using md5. You should end up with something like:
Which would become:
I have not tested such a value with mailbucket, but there's no reason it wouldn't work.

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Read emails in a news reader
Authored by: hackerssidekick on Mar 19, '08 02:44:15PM
Just FYI Gmail offers RSS feeds for email, so if you use Gmail (as I imagine many do around here!), you're all set!

See here for some details:

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Read emails in a news reader
Authored by: captainhaddock on Mar 19, '08 07:11:54PM

I believe your title is misleading. A "news reader" reads newsgroups (USENET), while a news feed aggregator reads RSS and Atom feeds.

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