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10.5: Avoid possible Time Capsule interference Other Hardware
If you're having intermittent connectivity issues (causing Time Machine backups to fail, internet connectivity problems, and network storage access to fail) with your Time Capsule unit, radio interference may be the cause (802.11b/g compatibility is the default setting).

To solve this, click the Manual Setup button (for your Time Capsule) in AirPort Utility, and then change the Radio Mode (on the AirPort tab) to 802.11n only. While I was talking to tech support about my problems, they also suggested that I purchase a cordless phone that won't interfere with the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

Finally, as I do still have 2.4GHz Macs in the house, I activated the wireless mode (2.4GHz) on my router, and then changed the Connection Sharing pop-up (on the Internet tab in AirPort Utility) to 'Off (Bridge Mode),' on the advice of tech support.
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10.5: Avoid possible Time Capsule interference
Authored by: critcol on Mar 17, '08 08:38:47AM

Interesting. I've had my Time Machine/Capsule backup go sour once so far where I had to kill erase the drive and start fresh.

I would switch to an N-only config, but I don't own anything N besides the Time Capsule and I'm using it in a WDS with my Airport Express (b/g, not the new N).

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10.5: Avoid possible Time Capsule interference
Authored by: diamondsw on Mar 17, '08 11:09:37AM

Unfortunately, I doubt this is the case for many people. I was running a 5Ghz N-only network and had constant dropouts. This is with no other 5Ghz devices in my house (I even have old phones). At first I thought it was just me until I saw the same behavior at a friend's house with the Time Capsule sitting next to the laptop.

Something is just wrong with the Time Capsule's wireless.

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10.5: Avoid possible Time Capsule interference
Authored by: mat79 on Mar 17, '08 01:26:44PM

I had the same issues with an Airport Extreme.

I switched from 5GHz to 2.4GHz and it works much better there.

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There is a problem with the TC, not only interferences!
Authored by: ssciboz on Mar 17, '08 04:16:47PM

So what, people that have like me only G devices have to live on an desert islande without any other wireless devices ?
Why can't we set up a G network only on this base? I mean my two express can be set to be B network only...
And to say that I need to put another router for these G macs is really the funniest of the year :) why did I buyed this TC !!!

But ok, seriously, as the other comment, I don't think the problem is there only. It's the draft 2.0 or the TC, but something is wrong.

For example, it's totally impossible to setup a WDS with TC and Express stations. Just not working.

So I do hope this is something that will be solved by firmware update soon.

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10.5: Avoid possible Time Capsule interference
Authored by: rcfa on Mar 17, '08 04:16:47PM

Interference or not, that's a lame excuse. Anything wireless will experience interference, and that's life.

The hardware/software protocols, journaling, etc. have to be done in such a way as to simply retry, continue after the drop out, or gracefully fail.

I just got a TimeCapsule, too, and even without any visible drop out (if so, it was just fractions of a second), it failed during the backup, and now I can either wipe the TimeMachine backup image or stick with the inconvenience of having an external drive hooked up to my laptop for backup purposes.

I experimented with the unofficial hack that allows AirPort Extreme base stations with external drives to serve as backup targets, but unfortunately, TimeCapsule isn't doing any better that that undocumented solution.

Conclusion: wireless TimeMachine backup isn't ready for prime-time. And for the money, Apple would better put a decent CPU into an appleTV, and then have a home version of Mac OS X Server running on it: software base station, backup/file server, and media server. After all, if you look at the things MacMini, appleTV and TimeCapsule share, you realize that for not that much more money than any of these, you could have an all-in-one solution in the home, rather than an assortment of items that are one-trick ponies and which then still fail at what they are supposed to do.

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10.5: Avoid possible Time Capsule interference
Authored by: whodisbe on Mar 17, '08 05:30:12PM

I completely agree.

It just falls into the usual, wait til rev3 of any Apple product theory. But to have the reason be mixed mode and interference is just bad. Then again, I've had an Airport Express for a few years, and honestly, I've only used it 2x at parties where there actually were no devices other than cell phones home it just doesn't cut it with drops happening before the first song can finish.

If a simple audio streamer doesn't work, I just don't have faith in a wireless backup solution from Apple.

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10.5: Avoid possible Time Capsule interference
Authored by: satcomer on Mar 19, '08 03:24:57AM

I have a new Time Capsule and found the wireless works great for incremental backup. For the first large backup I connected to it via ethernet cable, turned off Airport and did the backup. It only took little over an hour this way. After that I turned Airport (on my Mac) and let Time Capsule do its thing after that. It works great that way! No problems so far and it's cool that my MacBook updates the backup while sitting at my couch watching a long movie (with family members).

Then for regular file storage I mounted the disk and put it into my Login Items for restarts. It works great that way.

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