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Change root passwd on iPhone 1.1.3 iOS devices
I have never tried using the passwd command on my jailbroken 1.1.3 iPhone, since everyone warns of its use. However, I don't like having the default root password that everyone in the world knows, so I wanted to figure out a way to change it. It's pretty easy actually. On a Mac or Unix/Linux, the openssl command will do what you need like this:
openssl passwd -crypt -salt /s myNewPasswd
The password can only be eight characters long; anything longer will be truncated. I don't know if the salt has to stay the same or not, but to be safe, I just used the same salt as the original password. I doubt this makes any difference, though.

I ssh'd to the iPhone, and ran cat /etc/master.passwd, then copied that output to BBEdit (or other text editor). Then I replaced the passwd section (in between the first two colons) with my new hash for both root and mobile users. Finally, I copied the whole thing, switched back to the iPhone's ssh session and ran:
cat > /etc/master.passwd
I then pasted in the clipboard contents and pressed Command-D. That's it; the password was changed. I ran through most of my apps, put the iPhone to sleep, woke it up, and rebooted all without any problems. You don't need to reboot or do anything else for this to take effect.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Change root passwd on iPhone 1.1.3
Authored by: siMac on Mar 03, '08 08:12:04AM
Alternatively you can install Cydia which has its own BSD subsystem and includes a passwd command that works on 1.1.3 and 1.1.4.


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Change root passwd on iPhone 1.1.3
Authored by: tempel on Mar 03, '08 08:45:25AM

Just tried it out - I can confirm that it works. The Cydia package also fixes a few other things, including making more space on the smaller of the two iPhone partitions.

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Change root passwd on iPhone 1.1.3
Authored by: poenn on Mar 03, '08 09:40:34AM

I can confirm that changing your password the "usual" way (via passwd command) will make Springboard crash continuously forcing you reset you iPhone.

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Change root passwd on iPhone 1.1.3
Authored by: ppp on Mar 03, '08 10:12:58AM

In addition to changing the password, it's probably a good idea to install Services (in the Utilities category of the Installer) to disable SSH when it is not in use. This prevents remote access via SSH, and apparently has a significant positive effect on battery life.

Also, Independence has a working GUI method for changing the root and user passwords.

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Change root passwd on iPhone 1.1.3
Authored by: pepi on Mar 04, '08 01:44:22AM

You could do this in a Terminal on the iPhone as well if you have SSH (which includes OpenSSL) installed. Granted the Cydia Package Manager is a lot more elegant and I'd really recommend you check it out.

You may want to clear your history (history -c) after the openssl command since it includes your new password in the clear in your history.

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