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A free GUI solution to resizing disk partitions Apps
I installed Leopard on a FireWire drive to test it before upgrading my MacBook Pro's internal Tiger installation. Satisfied with the results, I tried to use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy Leopard to my MacBook Pro's internal drive, only to find the external image was slightly too large for the internal.

Not wanting to spend $35 on iPartition, I dug around and found the GParted LiveCD. It provides the GParted GUI front-end to parted (a GNU partitioning program) on a live Linux CD. I burned the image in Disk Utility and booted up on it. Once loaded, it provided a screen to select which kernel version to boot up, even providing a MacBook option. At first it only recognized my internal drive, ignoring my FireWire drives. I unplugged my Leopard FireWire drive, and reconnected it using USB ... voilá, the software recognized it.

I've tried booting from the resized drive and have verified it successfully resized the partition.

[robg adds: Standard warning: resizing a partition is potentially dangerous. Back up first, and verify your backup. If you've got a machine running 10.5, you can use Disk Utility to resize the partition. However, GParted should work with 10.4 disks as well, though I haven't tested it. The other thing that GParted is useful for is adding space to your Parallels or Fusion Windows boot disks -- after increasing the size of the image, you can use GParted to add the new space to the boot drive.]
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A free GUI solution to resizing disk partitions
Authored by: jcbeckman on Feb 26, '08 08:06:33AM

OS X can non-destructively re-partition HFS+ partitions. Check out diskutil in the man pages. Not a GUI solution though.

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A free GUI solution to resizing disk partitions
Authored by: RobK on Feb 26, '08 08:42:19AM

In Tiger, the Disk Utility GUI does allow you to repartition a drive but it is a DESTRUCTIVE repartition (meaning that all your data will be lost!).

But in Tiger starting in 10.4.6, you can use the "diskutil resizeVolume" command in the Terminal to NON-DESTRUCTIVELY resize a Mac supported partition. (ie You SHOULD not lose any data but backup just to be on the sage side)

Don't expect to read the Man Pages on this command. Apple has NOT updated the man pages (still true in 10.4.11). But if you type "diskutil resizeVolume" in the terminal, you will get the details on how to use this command.

If you want a GUI on Tiger, use GParted. It is a GREAT Linux tool which is really a PartitionMagic Clone. Just boot the CD and use the GUI. Gparted Supports MANY more Filesystems than Apple's Disk Utility GUI or the diskutil resizeVolume command.

If you are on Leopard, you can use the new Disk Utility GUI which is supposed to support NON-DESTRUCTIVE partitioning. But I do not know how good it is.

Bottom Line - Repartitioning ANY Drive is risky no matter what OS you are using. It is always a good idea to back up your data on a DIFFERENT physical drive before attempting to repartition. Better be Safe than Sorry!

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A free GUI solution to resizing disk partitions
Authored by: olivermomo on Feb 26, '08 08:53:04AM
According to this page:

...GParted can shrink HFS+ file systems but it can't grow them.

Also, we should careful about the terminology here since it's important for understanding partition and file system management. HFS+ is a file system, not a type of partition as mentioned in another comment.

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A free GUI solution to resizing disk partitions
Authored by: skapplin on Feb 26, '08 09:12:53AM

You have a MBP so your drive uses the GUID (GPT) partition scheme. Disk Utility can re-size and re-partition non-destructively. Consult the DU help.

Be sure to backup first just in case.

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GParted LiveCD
Authored by: Hulot on Feb 26, '08 10:45:57AM

The GParted LiveCD is for intel Macs only!

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