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Extend 24 hour movie rental period on iPods iPod
This works at least on the iPod Nano, though I hope it works on the Mac as well. If you start to watch a movie but do not finish it and the 24 hour period is running out, just start the movie playing on the iPod and press Pause. The movie will remain playable until you close the movie -- even past the 24 hour time period. When you finally decide to stop the movie, you will receive a warning from iPod that the time has expired and will be prompted to resume watching or delete the movie.

[robg adds: During Expo last week, I wrote about my concerns with the 24-hour limit. Yesterday, my colleague Chris Breen stumbled on this same solution to the problem. Chris notes that you must choose one of the resume or delete options when you go back to the iPod; he force-restarted his iPod just to see what would happen, and found that the movie vanished. For me, the key question is whether the Apple TV will also support this feature or not, as that's what we'll be using to watch our movie rentals. Until the software update is released, however, that question will remain unanswered.]
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Extend 24 hour movie rental period on iPods
Authored by: Mike Perry on Jan 25, '08 08:28:01AM

The real problem is this 'watch within 24-hours' rule. Someone who starts watching a movie when they get home from work one evening and gets interrupted doesn't want to be forced to watch the rest before that same time the next evening. They simply can't get home from work any earlier. Much the same is true of someone who'd like to watch a two-hour movie in sections each day as they commute 1/2 hour to work.

Amazon has the same problem. Both need to extent that 24-hours out to a week and allow as many watchings as a renter wants during that time. That'd make renting online comparable to renting a DVD and it wouldn't cost them a penny more. The only restriction they should be concerned about is the limit on what it can be watched on.

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Extend 24 hour movie rental period on iPods
Authored by: tatilsever on Jan 25, '08 10:48:16AM

Well, apparently as long as you keep your movie paused you can still watch it outside of that 24 hour window. If you want to listen to music while at work, but watch that movie while commuting as in your example, I guess Handbrake is the way to go.

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Extend 24 hour movie rental period on iPods
Authored by: rgray on Jan 25, '08 04:40:38PM

Can someone explain the "advantage" of renting a movie from iTunes for $3.99/24hrs over the $2 I pay at the corner store where I can (within reason) have it as long as I want....???

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I prefer online rentals
Authored by: keaka on Jan 25, '08 08:06:26PM
  • I only pay $2.99 for my iTunes rentals, not $3.99 (I haven't rented new releases).
  • The nearest store where I can rent a DVD is a 10 minute drive, whereas I can start watching my iTunes movie in 30 seconds.
  • If I rent a movie from a physical store, I have to remember to do the 10 minute drive back to the store to return the movie. Gas, traffic, pain in the butt. I might even lose the DVD and have to pay for it.
  • At the physical store they tend to be out of copies of the movie I want to watch. If iTunes has the movie listed, I can watch it. There is no such thing as "out of stock".
  • I've rented DVDs that had scratches, so they played poorly and were basically unwatchable. With iTunes digital movies, every "copy" will work perfectly.

Sanity Software:

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Extend 24 hour movie rental period on iPods
Authored by: robogobo on Jan 26, '08 04:55:32PM

Apple needs to compete with the likes of Netflix, etc also. Netflix is still the most convenient movie rental solution. If I didn't live in Switzerlnad, I'd still use it.

The 24hr limit is ridiculous. I hate feeling pressured to watch a movie. It should be relaxing and enjoyable. Even Blockbuster allowed three days in their early days. Why is Apple trying to go backwards with everything?

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Extend 24 hour movie rental period on iPods
Authored by: milkmage on Jan 27, '08 11:25:52AM

Apple doesn't care how long they let you keep a movie. restrictions are imposed by the content owners (MPAA) and must be enforced by Apple.

@rgray - it's a matter of convenience.. nobody is forcing you to rent everything through itunes, and itunes is not closing down your corner store. i will never rent a movie from anyone online, but it's nice to have the option. people pay 3-5 bucks to watch a movie immediately via satellite/cable.. this is no different.. even the cable companies impose restrictions (all day ticket is still 24 hours, sometimes less, because their "day" ends at 6AM - you buy the all day ticket, @10PM - it still expires @6AM, not 10PM like you'd expect.

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