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10.5: Drag and drop text between Macs via screen sharing Network
While connected to one Mac from another on my local network via screen sharing in the Finder (not iChat), I tried to use the Edit » Send Clipboard menu item to copy and paste the text from a local Script Editor document into a Script Editor document on the remote Mac. For some reason this did not work -- the text would not arrive in the remote clipboard (still have to figure what is wrong there). So I tried the the next best thing, not really expecting it to work.

I selected all the text in the Script Editor document on the local Mac, and dragged and dropped it over and into the Script Editor document on Remote Mac ... and it worked! (Dragging text also worked from the remote Mac to the local Mac.) So I quickly tested other dragging operations.

It seems most text from various applications will drag over in one form or another to a text area on the other Mac. And does not have to be to or from the same app on local and remote. A couple more quick examples:
  • You drag text to create text clippings in the Finder.
  • In Safari, you can drag the URL in the address bar to the remote Safari address bar, and it will load. Or drag it to the desktop as a .webloc file.
  • Drag a URL that links to a download file straight into the Safari Downloads window to download it.
  • text drags to most places.
Have fun!

[robg adds: You can't drag and drop a file, but this is very useful for text.]
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10.5: Drag and drop text between Macs via screen sharing
Authored by: osxpounder on Jan 09, '08 02:51:08PM
For those who might read this, but do not use Leopard yet:

You can almost do this if you use "teleport", an app made to allow you to share one keyboard & mouse among multiple Macs.

You can drag files, but not text.

It offers the option to synchronize clipboards, with additional options to limit sync to only clipboard contents that are smaller than a size you specify... or to only sync clipboard contents when you hold down a modifier key. I haven't tried these extra options.

I have used teleport for a few weeks now, though, and I let it sync the clipboard [this program calls it the "pasteboard"]. I also installed Butler, so that it can keep a clipboard history. That way, if I really didn't want the clipboard on Mac #2 overwritten, I can go to Butler and retrieve the previous clipboard contents. I normally only care about text, when I look in Butler's clipboard [Butler also calls it a "pasteboard"], and I've noticed Butler doesn't always manage to retain an image I copied, but I haven't noticed why, nor cared. So far, so good.

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Authored by: Herve5 on Jan 09, '08 10:40:53PM

I'd say that on a LAN this is the domain of excellence of DropCopy: drop'n copy documents and clipboards from one mac to any other (not over intenet though for now, unless you have this kind of bonjour translator that I didn't see really at work up to now)

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10.5: Drag and drop text between Macs via screen sharing
Authored by: peragrin on Jan 11, '08 08:28:58AM

Drop n copy as another poster pointed out works well.

I use a small program called Clipboard Sharing. It sits in your menu bar. You copy the selcted text and click on the menu you can either choose send it to a bonjour contact, or get the contents from a bonjour contact.

it works well on my network were several computers bounce IP's around on occasion.

I thought once I was found but it was only a dream

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10.5: Drag and drop text between Macs via screen sharing
Authored by: dakotastonebrake on Dec 29, '08 04:17:47AM

I need help I have my mac and pc screen sharing and if you want to send something over clipboard(which I have tried many times) doesnt work at all

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Just discovered this by drag'n'drop Safari bookmarks
Authored by: gabester on Aug 11, '10 08:24:38PM

I've used ARD and appreciate how it lets me copy files to/from remotely viewed Macs - stubbornly on occasion I'll try to do the same with plain old screen sharing. Today I needed to get some Bookmarks from one Mac to another and decided to try to drag and drop them from within Safari. Lo and behold my amazement that it worked.

I was going to write it up as a hint but realized that it was really a subset of this hint... I vaguely remember reading this and hadn't deemed this that useful at the time. Mind you, it's still not that useful but it's NEAT and if you need to copy some bookmarks it's a quick and convenient way to do it.

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