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10.5: Create Quick Look-capable 'webloc' files System 10.5
When I am working on a project I tend to save many different types of files in that project's folder. For example, research for a recent music-related article contained: PDFs, Pages documents, mp3s, Text documents, jpgs, and webloc files. While I really appreciate the new file types that are Quick Looked in Leopard, I am frustrated that bookmarks/weblocs just show up with the "@" icon.

Of course what's really called for is a Quick Look plugin, but until that time, here's what I did:
  1. Email webpage to yourself. In Safari, choose Safari » Mail Contents of This Page (or command Command-I).
  2. Drag that email from Mail to the project folder. This will create an email 'document' in that folder (linked to the message in Mail). The message has a low-res HMTL preview of the site that you bookmarked.
Now just highlight the file and hit the Space Bar to activate Quick Look. You will now have a properly-rendered HTML preview of the linked URL. This is kind of kludgy, but it seems to work. Also, if you click on a link inside the Quick Look preview, that link will open in your default browser.

This is tantalizing if nothing else, as it shows that most of the functionality is already there -- the Finder is now rendering HTML (for emails, at least) dragged to a folder. Of course, support for weblocs in Quick Look would be even better.
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10.5: Create Quick Look-capable 'webloc' files | 7 comments | Create New Account
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10.5: Create Quick Look-capable 'webloc' files
Authored by: iangoldby on Jan 07, '08 10:08:05AM

I'm not sure if I've missed something, but it seems to me that a simpler way is just to go Safari>File>Save As... with Format = Page Source.

In both cases you get a local copy of the web page, not a shortcut to the live web page, so in neither case does the preview change when the web page is updated.

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Authored by: notech5000 on Jan 07, '08 10:49:35AM

You are definitely correct in that the "Save As..." method works, not to mention that it is quicker and simpler.

The one difference is that the "long way" using this hint preserves more formatting, images, backgrounds, etc. while the simple and direct way that you recommend will be text only.

In both cases, the page is absolutely local. Is this hint worth the extra steps? You have to decide. I prefer the prettier, longer way myself.

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Authored by: simonpie on Jan 07, '08 05:15:22PM

Well, quick look only shows to me the html source of the .html file. Worse, it will only show me the generic webarchive icon if I save a website as a webarchive. How frustrating.

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These are NOT 'webloc' files
Authored by: ClassicUser on Jan 07, '08 05:01:19PM

This hint really needs a new title: This has NOTHING to do with .webloc files, and everything to do with a local cache of the webpage - AS AN EMAIL MESSAGE. The file extracted to the project folder is a complete COPY of the email message, not a link back to it - and nothing at all related to the original webpage. So, just like QuickLook can provide a sample preview of almost any type of document, it can also preview email messages. Useful, but not exactly surprising.

Perhaps this is still an interesting hint for some, but it currently has been given a very-misleading title. Can this be changed, so others are not confused by it?

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These are NOT 'webloc' files
Authored by: notech5000 on Jan 07, '08 07:04:04PM

Entirely agree. This hint does not provide a way to Quicklook .webloc files and as such the title *is* misleading.

Semantics aside however, the goal of this hint was two-fold:
(1) Provide a relatively simple workaround for the fact that Quicklook does not work on .webloc files (intended for those folks that might find it useful to have a preview of a webpage which is stored in a folder with other docs - perhaps from the same project AND which is Quicklook-able & usually has the ability to open said webpage in their browser of choice).
(2) Call attention to the fact that Quicklook does not work on .webloc files - but - Quicklook *does* nicely render HTML for emails and in doing so hopefully inspire someone smarter than me to create a Quicklook webloc plugin! It's possible that will be pretty easy since Quicklook already "does" HTML, just not for this file type / extension.

Alternative title suggestion: "Create unsurpisingly-Quicklook-capable EMAILS which are actually local copies of webpages and have nothing to do with either the original emails or those webpages..."

Catchy, huh?

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10.5: Create Quick Look-capable 'webloc' files
Authored by: Fofer on Jan 08, '08 03:14:17AM
Much easier: install SafariStand with HetimaWebThumbnail. It's release notes says its a Cover Flow (and QuickLook) plugin for Safari bookmarks, history items and webloc files.

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10.5: Create Quick Look-capable 'webloc' files
Authored by: NeoX on Jan 08, '08 02:50:58PM

This is kind of cluegy. A much better way to accomplish this is to save the page as a PDF. Do this by choosing print from the file menu, then click on save as PDF. Pretty simple and you get a complete save of the entire page. You can then quick look all you want with this.

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