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Transmit caches can recover seemingly lost data Apps
If, like me, you use the 'Edit Externally' feature in Transmit to edit your files directly on the server, then this hint may save your life, or job, one day ... or simply save you redoing 100s of lines of code.

The cause: Say you edit with TextWrangler. You save your most recent changes, and Transmit tells you it has uploaded the file, but the changes don't appear. Critical point: You then close your current TextWrangler editing window for the file, and reopen the file directly from your server. However, you find that only a small portion of the file has been transferred back to the server after your last update, leaving you with only part of the file now open in TextWrangler and no way to Undo, because you closed the window/file previously.

So what do you do?

Well, caches can come to the rescue. All files that Transmit transfers for external editing are cached (for how long, I don't know), under ~/Library » Caches » TemporaryItems » Transmit » .abcd » filename.ext. Lucky for me, I found a cached version of my file inside one of those hidden directories. I used Terminal and pico to check each directory for the file, and then moved (and duplicated) the golden file to my Desktop once found.

The file I found was the original file immediately before the last save that was uploaded to the server. I do not know how persistent these Caches are, but I suspect they are time-sensitive as some of the hidden directories inside the directory are actually empty. Good luck, and I hope no one ever has to use this hint.
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Transmit caches can recover seemingly lost data
Authored by: msilverman on Jan 03, '08 08:01:20AM

This is a clever hint, but if you are using this type of "live" ftp editing for anything more then correcting a typo, you are living dangerously. You really should have all your files backed up/mirrored locally and even better, use source code control.

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Transmit caches can recover seemingly lost data
Authored by: NeoX on Jan 03, '08 10:57:46AM

When I read this hint I thought the same thing. Working in Transmit, or any program with a live copy is a serious risk. A simple hint is don't do it. ;)

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Transmit caches can recover seemingly lost data
Authored by: robogobo on Jan 03, '08 03:53:52PM

Agreed. That said, still a great hint for other purposes.

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Transmit caches can recover seemingly lost data
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Jan 03, '08 07:46:06PM

I agree! I always work off a full site backup, and even if I'm fixing a typo, I down load the file first.

I only use Transmit for transferring files.

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Transmit caches can recover seemingly lost data
Authored by: osxpounder on Jan 04, '08 10:46:21AM

I don't work directly on original files on a server, so this is never a problem for me. I think it's a good work habit to back up the originals, work on copies, and upload any changed files after I've worked on them. It's a habit that's served me well.

If I'm "only going to make a quick change", then at the very least I make a copy of that file on the server, so I can replace my changed file immediately. I leave that file, too, in case a problem only shows up later. Since I give files long, descriptive names, this habit serves me well, also.

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Transmit caches can recover seemingly lost data
Authored by: Shawn Parr on Jan 04, '08 07:21:07AM

Of course I agree with the above statements for anything vital.

However when messing around with demo sites, or even tweaking something on a live site that isn't vital, I usually just use the FTP functions built into Text Wrangler. I've never had it only partially upload before. When you 'open' something from an FTP server, when it saves it 'saves' directly to the FTP server as well.

While it doesn't work as a general FTP client, if you are editing in Text Wrangler you may as well as just use its built in capabilities, as they are more convenient than when integrated with many other FTP clients, and apparently much safer than with Transmit.

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Transmit caches can recover seemingly lost data
Authored by: macgruder on Jan 04, '08 12:14:26PM

If "your job, your life, or hundreds of lines of code" is at risk in this way, the better hint is don't do it this way. If you must work directly on a file on the server beyond tiny edits, simply drag from the Transmit window to your desktop, double click, edit, drag bag (or similar). That said we all do silly things and the suggestion not to tap-dance on the tip of the Empire State building is not as good as the hint showing us how to perform emergency surgery on ourselves once we've fallen off.

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