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Restore lost podcasts in iTunes after migration Apps
I had used Migration Assistant to copy my account on a laptop running 10.3.9 to my new Mac mini running 10.5. This was after I'd already created a brand new account and had been using it for weeks. I'd subscribed to a ton of podcasts, but I wanted to also transfer all my music from my laptop. Not being very familiar with iTunes' functionality for hadling these sorts of issues, I went with a unixy method I thought would work.

I updated the iTunes library in the transferred account, backed up everything in Music/iTunes, and attempted to swap out the libraries and change permissions, figuring I'd just resubscribe to the podcasts. For some reason, it didn't work -- perhaps I'd made a simple mistake -- but when I discovered this, I had company and wanted to show them my podcasts. I removed the faulty library files and swapped back in my backup only to discover all my podcasts were still gone! I apologized to my guests and later that night, I figured out how to fix the problem...

All the podcasts were there in the Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Podcasts directory. I dug up a procedure on Apple's support website which walked you through a procedure to restore your library. The solution involved deleting the library file and moving the XML file to the desktop and adding it back to your library, but this did not work.

Here's what did work:

Select File » Add to Library. Navigate to Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Podcasts. Click Choose. Voila! All your podcasts are back, except they'll all be marked as unplayed. Note the same process worked to add my music from the other account, but I had to also do this in Terminal:
$ mkdir tmp
$ sudo mv otherusername/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music tmp
$ sudo chown -R newusername.newusergroup tmp/iTunes Music
In iTunes, I then used File » Add to Library, and navigated to tmp/iTunes Music, selected everything except Podcasts and Downloads, and clicked Choose. When that was done, to clean up in Terminal, I did this:
sudo chown -R otherusername.otherusergroup tmp/iTunes Music
sudo mv tmp/iTunes Music otherusername/Music/iTunes/
Instead of doing all this, I'd have liked to just use the transferred account as my main account, except 10.5 didn't get along with it, and my new Bluetooth keyboard stopped working well with the transferred account. WARNING: The above procedure will remove your iTunes Music library from the donating account! You can use cp -R instead, but this will be much slower, and depending on your library size, you could run into disk space issues.
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