How to use an iPod or iPhone for flash card memorization

Dec 26, '07 07:30:03AM

Contributed by: onegoodpixel

If you or your kids need to memorize information, but hate carrying around traditional 3x5 flash cards, here's an easy way to create electronic flash cards that can be viewed on your iPhone or iPod. You'll need:

NOTE: Other versions of the above applications may work, but you'll have to test them yourself.

Using Keynote, create a slide deck with each slide being an individual word or piece of information you need to memorize. I found the Black theme with the slide size set to 1024x768 worked best, but you should play around and find out what you like.

Once you've created and saved your slide deck, select File » Send to » iPhoto. In the dialog box that opens, make sure that the All radio button is selected next to Slides, and set the Format to PNG. Click the Next button. Enter a name for your new album and click Send. After clicking Send, iPhoto will launch and all of your slides will be exported to iPhoto as a new album and event with the name you chose.

Switch to iPhoto and verify that all of your slides were exported into your new album and event.

Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone or iPod to your Mac. Select your iPhone or iPod in the Devices region in iTunes to view the settings tabs. Click the Photos tab. Make sure the 'Sync photos from iPhoto' check box is checked, and then choose either the All photos and albums radio button or the Selected Albums radio button. If you choose the Selected Albums radio button, make sure to check the check box next to your flash card album. Click the Sync button and your new flash cards will be loaded onto your iPhone or iPod for viewing.

To view your flash cards, disconnect your iPhone or iPod from your Mac and navigate to the Photos area on your iPhone or iPod. Select your flash card photo album and either view the photos individually or as a slide show. If you view each photo/flash card individually, use your finger to navigate from one photo to the next on the iPhone, or the fast-forward and rewind buttons on the iPod. If you choose the slide show option, the slide show will automatically advance based the slide show settings on your iPhone or iPod. One neat feature of the slide show option is the ability to change the settings to present your photos/flash cards in random order. That way, you don't memorize your information based on the order in which it appears.

When you need to add or remove information from your flash cards, open the original flash card slide deck in Keynote, make the changes and follow the instructions above.

NOTE: You will be forced to rename your album every time you make changes and export to iPhoto. Make sure you update the necessary setting in iTunes so your iPhone or iPod syncs the most recent version of your flash card album. I usually add the current date to the album name, so I know which is most recent. I then delete the old album from iPhoto (assuming I no longer need it).

I hope you find the tip useful and have fun.

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